Candidates for Placement

The Department of Political Science at the Boston College is delighted to announce its current candidates for academic appointments. Most have their Ph.D. in hand or will have completed their degree by August of this academic year.

Political Philosophy

Matthew Berry

Dissertation: "Law, Justice, and Equity in Aristotle’s Ethics" 

Subfields: Ancient Political Philosophy; Early and Late Modern Political Philosophy, American Political Thought

Awards and Fellowships: Jack Miller Center Summer Institute Fellow (2016); Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award (2015); National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Scholar (Summer 2014): Four-week seminar on Medieval Political Philosophy at Gonzaga University

Teaching Interests: Democratic Citizenship; Constitutional Theory; Liberalism and its Critics; Religion and Politics; Classical Political Philosophy

Committee: Dr. Robert C. Bartlett (Chair), Dr. Robert Faulkner, Dr. Christopher Kelly

Curriculum Vitae


Kimberley Burns

Dissertation: "The Moral Foundations of the Social Contract in the Thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau”

Advisor: Christopher Kelly

Subfields: American Politics; International Relations

Awards and Fellowships: Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award, Boston College, 2013-2014; Graduate Fellow, Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, Boston College 2012-13 Graduate Fellowship, Boston College, 2007-13; Fortin Foundation and Bradley Foundation summer study grants, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009; Gold Medal (top GPA) in the four-year honours program majoring in philosophy, University of Winnipeg, 2006; Professor Philip B. Wright Memorial Prize, University of Winnipeg, 2004; Genevieve Doidge Memorial Scholarship, University of Winnipeg, 2004; Canadian Government Millennium In-Course Excellence Scholarship, 2003; Churchill Arts Scholarship, University of Winnipeg, 2003; Academic Proficiency Scholarship, University of Winnipeg, 2002, 2003; Entrance Scholarship, University of Winnipeg, 2001

Academic Positions: University of Dallas (Adjunct Assistant Professor. 2015- ; Adjunct Instructor, 2013-14); University of Texas at Austin (Lecturer, 2015); Boston College (Teaching Fellow, 2013, 2011)

Curriculum Vitae


Thomas Cleveland, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “The Accounts of the Origin of Law in Plato’s Laws

Subfields: Ancient Greek Political Philosophy; Early and Late Modern Political Philosophy, American Political Thought

Awards and Fellowships: Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation (2015-16); Thomas W. Smith Foundation, Stipend for Summer Study (2015); Ernest Fortin Memorial Foundation, Grant for Summer Study (2012-15)

Teaching Interests: History of political thought: ancient, medieval, early modern, late modern; American Political Thought

Committee: Robert C. Bartlett (Chair), Nasser Behnegar, Robert Faulkner

Curriculum Vitae


Timothy Lehmann, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Montesquieu and Rousseau on the Passions and Politics”

Subfields: Political Theory; Minor fields: American Politics and Comparative Politics

Awards and Fellowships: Participant, Jack Miller Center Summer Institute (2017); Postdoctoral Fellowship, George Washington Forum, Ohio University (2016-17); Bradley Foundation Summer Grant (2013); Fortin Memorial Foundation Summer Grant (2013)

Teaching Interests: Montesquieu, Rousseau, Modern Political Philosophy

Committee: Christopher Kelly (chair), Susan Shell, and Robert Bartlett

Curriculum Vitae


Comparative Politics

Elitsa Molles, Ph.D.

Dissertation: "Identity Politics in Local Markets: Exclusion and Inclusion in the 'New' Europe"

Subfields: International Politics, American Politics

Awards and Fellowships: Bucerius Ph.D. Dissertation Scholarship in Migration Studies, Ernest Fortin Memorial Foundation Summer Grant, The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation Summer Grant, Distinction in Comprehensive Examinations, Phi Beta Kappa (Trinity College), W.H. Russell Fellowship for Graduate Study (Trinity College), President's Fellow in the Department of Political Science (Trinity College)

Teaching Interests: Immigration; Immigrant Integration, Exclusion, and Inclusion; Western Europe; Eastern Europe; European Union; Democratization; Human Rights; International Politics

Committee: Gerald Easter (chair), Jonathan Laurence, David Deese

Curriculum Vitae


International Politics