Typical 4-Year Sequence


PHYS2200 Introductory Physics I (4)

PHYS2050 Intro Lab I (1)

MATH1102 Calculus I (4)


PHYS2201 Introductory Physics II (4)

PHYS2051 Intro Lab II (1)

MATH1103 Calculus II (4)


PHYS3100 Waves and Vibrations w/Lab (4)

CHEM1109 General Chemistry I (4) + CHEM1111 General Chemistry Lab I (1)

MATH2202 Multivariable Calculus (3)


PHYS3300 Modern Physics w/Lab (4)

CHEM1110 General Chemistry II (4) + CHEM112 General Chemistry Lab II (1)

MATH2210 Linear Algebra and MATH4410 Differential Equations


PHYS4100 Classical Mechanics (4)

PHYS4400 Quantum Physics I (3)

PHYS3510 Contemporary Electronics (2)


PHYS4200 Electricity and Magnetism (3)

PHYS4401 Quantum Physics II (3)

PHYSXXXX Elective (3)

PHYS4600 Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics (4)

PHYSXXXX Elective (3)

PHYS4350 Experiments in Physics (3) or PHYS4300 Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing* (4) or PHYS4951 Senior Thesis** (3)

* Students planning to take PHYS4300 need to take CSCI2227 Introduction to Scientific Computation in preparation for this course.

** Students need prior approval from a faculty mentor.