Karen Golden Russell ’91

Karen Golden Russell

Karen Golden Russell ’91 says her math degree taught her how to think. While the dual major in mathematics and English never anticipated being a mathematician, she uses the rigorous and quantitative thought processes she learned as a math major “on a daily basis to bring order to the business world.”

Golden Russell, who also holds a Master’s in technical and professional writing and an MBA, started her career as a technical writer and then became a product marketer in an engineering company. Today, she is a senior marketing manager at Philips Home Healthcare Solutions, a division of Philips Electronics.

At Philips Home Healthcare Solutions, she performs and analyzes market research, and writes business plans for the company, whose remote monitoring products for patients with chronic disease extend care beyond the hospital or healthcare provider’s office.

Golden Russell relies on her mathematics background when evaluating market data and creating business strategies that account for variables both internal and external to her organization, and she credits her education with her ability to see patterns and solutions at all levels of business. Additionally, her math major has earned her the respect of non-marketers, such as engineers and scientists, enabling her to be productive “across corporate silos.”

“You don't have to be a math whiz to be a math major,” she says. “I enjoyed the work, which is why I chose it, and it has helped me to stand out throughout my career in the pursuit of higher degrees and job opportunities.”