Studying Abroad

Students may be able to fulfill one of their History Core requirements while studying abroad.

In order for a course taken abroad to fulfill the History Core requirement, it must:

  1. Cover the necessary time period (ca. 1500-1800 for History I or 1800-present for History II).
  2. Survey historical developments in a global or world-regional framework. In other words, the course may not be the national history or the history bi-national relations, it must cover a wider region such as Latin America or Africa.

For example, “Modern China” will not count, but “East Asia 1800 to the present” will.

Students need to obtain written permission before going abroad by either filling out the pre-approval form or emailing the department at After completing the course, students need to pick up a Course Substitution Form from either OIP or Student Services. Students should then bring the completed form along with their written permission to the History Department and a department member will sign off on it.

Please note:

  • the course needs to be offered through a degree-granting institution
  • the course cannot be online
  • students need to complete one of their History Core courses at Boston College