Kasper Volk

Kasper Volk

E-mail: kasper.volk@bc.edu

Office: Stokes Hall, Cubicle S352

Faculty Advisor: Devin Pendas

Curriculum Vitae


B.A., History, Michigan State University, with high honor, 2010

  • Thesis: "Rupture and Resolution: Max Horkheimer's Transition from Marxist Optimism to Theological Pessimism"

Research Interests:

I study modern European intellectual history. I am interested in the development of Western thought since the Enlightenment and the ways in which it has both driven and reflected the evolution of the social, political, and economic structures that define the modern world. My current focus in on late 19th- and early 20th-century Germany.


2009 American Catholic Thought and Culture Scholarship 


"Rival Conceptions of Just War Theory in the Debate Preceding the Iraq War," The MSU Undergraduate Historian, 5 (2010): 25-55.