Peter Berard

Peter Berard


Office: Stokes Hall, Office S356

Advisor: Seth Jacobs


B.A. in History and Sociology, Marlboro College 2008 High Honors

M.A. in Historical Studies, New School for Social Research 2010


I'm studying American intellectual and diplomatic history. In specific, I'm looking at the development of doctrines of counterinsurgency and at the ways American military doctrine has changed as challenges, elites, and ideologies have came and went over the course of the 20th century. I'm pursuing this as part of a larger interest in intellectual history and especially in the history of applied ideas: how and by what means do ideas change when they are put into use? In keeping with this, I have broad interests outside of my immediate research area, including historiography, European intellectual history and literature.


2010 Outstanding M.A. Graduate Award, Committee for Historical Research, New School for Social Research