Recent History Ph.D. Graduates


Peter Cajka
Dissertation Title: "The Rights of Conscience: The Rise of Tradition in America's Age of Fracture, 1940-1990"
Advisor: James O'Toole
Elise Franklin
Dissertation Title: "A Slow End to Empire: Social Aid Associations, Family Migration, and Decolonization in France and Algeria, 1954-1981"
Advisor: Julian Bourg
Amy Limoncelli
Dissertation Title: "Great Britain and International Administration: Finding a New Role at the United Nations, 1941-1975"
Advisor: James Cronin
Christopher Staysniak Dissertation Title: “‘The volunteer who seeks to help others also helps himself’: Religion, Class, and the Development of Youth Volunteer Service in the United States, 1934-1973"
Advisor: James O'Toole
Andrea Wenz
Dissertation Title: "Bernardino Ochino of Siena: The Composition of the Italian Reformation at Home and Abroad"
Advisors: Virginia Reinburg and Sarah Ross



Rachel Ball-Phillips
Dissertation Title: "Film and the Shaping of Marathi Regionalism, 1932-1960"
Advisor: Prasannan Parthasarathi
Position: History Teacher, Grand Prairie ISD and Adjunct Professor, Southern Methodist University
Mimi Cowan Dissertation Title: "Immigrants, Nativists, and the Making of Chicago, 1842–1893"
Advisor: Kevin Kenny
Regan Eby
Dissertation Title: "Aristocratic Sociability and Monastic Patronage in Eleventh- and Early-Twelfth Century Brittany"
Advisor: Robin Fleming
Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Boston College
Shannon Monaghan Dissertation Title: "Relighting the Lamps: Population Politics and the Development of Democracy in the New Europe, 1918-1926"
Advisors: James Cronin and Devin Pendas
Position: Lecturer, Expository Writing Program, Harvard
Christopher Riedel Dissertation Title: "Monastic Reform & Lay Religion in Æthelwold's Winchester"
Advisor: Robin Fleming
Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Boston College
Jesse Tumblin
Dissertation Title: "The Widening Gyre: Security, Sovereignty, and the Making of Modern Statehood in the British Empire, 1898-1931"
Advisor: James Cronin
Position: Adjunct Professor, Boston College



Natalia King Rasmussen
Dissertation Title: “Friends of Freedom, Allies of Peace: African Americans, the Civil Rights  Movement, and East Germany, 1949-1989”
Advisor: Devin Pendas
Seth Meehan Dissertation Title: "Denominating a People: Congregational Laity, Church Disestablishment, and the Struggles of Denominationalism in Massachusetts, 1780-1865"
Advisor: James O'Toole
Position: Assistant Director of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, Boston College



Casey Beaumier, SJ Dissertation Title: "For Richer, For Poorer: Jesuit Secondary Education in America and the Challenge of Elitism"
Advisor: James O'Toole
Position: Director, Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, Boston College
David Crane Dissertation Title: "Dark Earth to Domesday: Towns in Anglo-Saxon England"
Advisor: Robin Fleming
Position: Assistant Dean of Credit Programs, Salem State University
Jared Hardesty Dissertation Title: "Slavery, Freedom, and Dependence in Pre-Revolutionary Boston"
Advisor: Cynthia Lyerly
Position: Associate Professor (tenured), Western Washington University
Anna Kolchinsky Dissertation Title: "Tuberculosis as Disease and Politics In Germany, 1871-1961"
Advisors: James Cronin and Devin Pendas
Jonathan Kuiken Dissertation Title: “Empires of Energy: Britain, British Petroleum, Shell and the remaking of the international oil industry, 1957-1979”
Advisor: James Cronin
Position: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Wilkes University
Gráinne McEvoy Dissertation Title: "Justice and Order: American Catholic Social Thought and the Immigration Question in the Restriction Era, 1917-1965"
Advisor: Kevin Kenny
Position: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Trinity College Dublin
Peter Moloney Dissertation Title: "From Common Market to European Union: A New Model State?"
Advisor: James Cronin
Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Boston College



Aniruddha Bose Dissertation Title: "The Port of Calcutta (1860-1910): State Power, Technology, and Labor"
Advisor: Prasannan Parthasarathi
Position: Assistant Professor (tenure track), St. Francis University
Ian Delahanty Dissertation Title: "Immigrants in a Time of Civil War: The Irish, Slavery, and the Union, 1845-1865"
Advisor: Kevin Kenny
Position: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Springfield College
Katherine Hubler Dissertation Title: "Man's Duty to Woman: Men and the First Wave of German Feminism, 1865-1919"
Advisors: Paul Breines and Devin Pendas
Position: Instructor, Linn-Benton Community College
Austin Mason Dissertation Title: “Listening to the Early Medieval Dead: Religious Practices in Eastern Britain, 400–900 CE”
Advisor: Robin Fleming
Position: Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Darren McDonald Dissertation Title: "Crisis of Faith: Jimmy Carter, Religion, and the Making of U.S.-Middle East Foreign Policy"
Advisor: Seth Jacobs
Position: Interdepartmental Project Manager at Executive Office of Health and Human Services, State of Rhode Island
Ted Miller Dissertation: "Mavericks of the Metroplex: Dallas Republicans, the Southern Strategy, and the American Right, 1952-1964"
Advisor: Lynn Lyerly
Position: Assistant Teaching Professor, Northeastern University
John Spiers Dissertation Title: "Managing Growth: Suburbanization and Environmental Protection in Metropolitan Washington Since 1970"   
Advisor: Marilynn Johnson
Position: Faculty Service Manager, Brigham and Women's Hospital



Hidetaka Hirota Dissertation Title: "Nativism, Citizenship and the Deportation of Paupers in Massachusetts, 1837-1883"
Advisor: Kevin Kenny
Position: Columbia Society of Fellows in the Humanities
David McCowin Dissertation Title: "'For Faith and for Freedom': American Catholic Manhood and the Holy Name Society in Boston, 1870-1960"
Advisor: James O'Toole
Megan Myers Dissertation Title: "Moving Terrorists from the Streets to a Diamond-Shaped Table: The International History of the Northern Ireland Conflict, 1969-1999" 
Advisor: James Cronin
Position: Permanent Instructor, Howard Community College



Laura Baines-Walsh Dissertation Title: "Adapting to Dixie: The Southernization of Nineteenth Century Lutherans in the North Carolina Piedmont"
Advisor: Cynthia Lyerly
Position: History Teacher, Newton Country Day School
Llana Barber Dissertation Title: "Latino Migration and the New Global Cities: Transnationalism, Race, and Urban Crisis in Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1945-2000"
Advisors: Marilynn Johnson; Davarian Baldwin
Position: Assistant Professor, SUNY Old Westbury (tenure track)
Jill Bender Dissertation Title: "Fears of 1857: The British Empire in the Wake of the Indian Rebellion"
Advisor: Prasannan Parthasarathi
Position: Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Greensboro (tenure track)
Amanda Bidnall Dissertation Title: “‘The Birth Pangs of a New Nation:’ West Indian Artists in London, 1945-1965”
Advisor: Peter Weiler
Position: Instructor, Simon Fraser University
Christina Brophy Dissertation Title: "Keening Community: Mná Caointe, Women, Death, and Power in Ireland"
Advisor: Kevin O'Neill
Position: Instructor, Triton College
John Dennehy Dissertation Title: "James Sullivan and the Birth of Massachusetts Republicanism"
Advisor: Alan Rogers
Meaghan Dwyer-Ryan Dissertation Title: "Ethnic Patriotism: Boston's Irish and Jewish Communities, 1880-1929"
Advisor: Kevin Kenny
Position: Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina Aiken (tenure track)
Gregory Walsh Dissertation Title: "Splintered Loyalties: The Revolutionary War in Essex County, New Jersey"
Advisor: Alan Rogers


Selected Earlier Graduates:

Alexander Bloom Chair and Professor of History, Wheaton College
William Chase Chair and Professor of History, University of Pittsburgh
Michael B. Friedland History Teacher, Seattle Urban Academy
Arch Getty Professor, University of California at Los Angeles
Richard Immerman Chair and Professor of History, Temple University
Violet Johnson Chair and Professor of History, Agnes Scott College
  Published: The Other Black Bostonians: West Indians in Boston, 1900-1950
Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook Professor of Practical Theology and Religious Education, Claremont School of Theology 
Mark O’Connor Director, Honors Program, Boston College
James O’Toole Professor, Boston College
Susan Vorderer Associate Professor & Chair of History Department, Merrimack College