Spring 2018 Core

Courses Fulfilling the Requirements for:


ENGL1709 Living in the Material World T Th 9 Wallace
Reading Moby Dick M W F 12 Martin
ENGL1715 How Reading Changes Us M W F 10 Crane
ENGL1716 Metamorphosis: Story-Telling M W F 1 Haskin
ENGL1717 Fictions of Adolescence M W F 2
Th 6-7:50
ENGL1718 Reading In/Justice: Literature as Activism  T Th 12
Th 6-7:50


ENGL1080.02 Literature Core:
Narratives of Slavery
T Th 9 Frederick
ENGL1080.04 Literature Core:
Rule Breakers
T Th 9
ENGL1080.06 Literature Core:
The Pleasure of the Text
T Th 3 Wilwerding
ENGL1080.08 Literature Core:
Coming of Age
T Th 10:30
ENGL1080.10 Literature Core: Writing and Rewriting the Fairy Tale
M W F 11
ENGL1080.12 Literature Core:
Love and Other Difficulties
M W F 11
ENGL1080.14 Literature Core:
The Problem of Pleasure
M W F 1 Wasserstrom
ENGL1080.16 Literature Core:
Queer Drama
T Th 10:30
ENGL1080.18 Literature Core:
Alienation as Literary Motif
T Th 9
ENGL1080.20 Literature Core:
Spiritual Journeys
M W F 12
ENGL1080.22 Literature Core: T Th 3 Bellows
ENGL1080.24 Literature Core:
Living with Death
M W F 1
ENGL1080.26 Literature Core: Meaning and the Criminal Mastermind
M W F 10 Anderson
ENGL1080.28 Literature Core: Capitalism and Resistance in American Literature
T Th 10:30 Moskowitz
ENGL1080.30 Literature Core: 
Satire and Society
T Th 10:30 Taylor
ENGL1080.34 Literature Core:
Literature, History, Politics
M W F 11
ENGL1080.36 Literature Core:
Marginal in America
M W F 10   Smith
ENGL1080.38 Literature Core: T Th 10:30
ENGL1080.40 Literature Core: Stories of the Apocalypse and the End of the World T Th 10:30 Imre
ENGL1080.42 Literature Core:
Queer Literature
M W F 12 Ohi
ENGL1080.46 Literature Core:
Alienation as Literary Motif
T Th 10:30 O'Har
ENGL1080.48 Literature Core:
The American Idea
M W F 10 Roberts

Spring 2018

Courses Fulfilling the Cultural Diversity Requirement

ENGL3346 Asian American Experience T Th 9 Sofer
ENGL4447 The Poetics of Rap M W F 11 Adair

English Courses Offered Spring 2018

Courses that Satisfy the Pre-1700 Requirement

ENGL4003 Shakespeare and Performance T Th 12 Sofer
ENGL4424 Middle English Alliterative Poetry T Th 1:30 Weiskott

Courses that Satisfy the Pre-1900 Requirement

Note: Pre-1700 courses also satisfy this requirement.

ENGL2171 Intro to British Literature and Culture II M W F 12 McAleavey
ENGL3331 Victorian Inequality M W F 11 Hunt
ENGL4017 Black Nature: Race and Ecology M W F 10 Howard