English Language Learning (ELL)

English Language Learning

The Program for English Language Learning (ELL) aims to support undergraduate and graduate students from linguistically diverse backgrounds in their mastery of English.


Two undergraduate English courses fulfilling core requirements are offered as a linked sequence to students who place into them after having completed the English language assessment during student orientation in August each year.

ENGL 1009, First Year Writing Seminar for ELL, (fall) provides students with important linguistic support to meet the rhetorical and grammatical challenges they face in writing.ENGL 1079, Literature Core for ELL, (spring) builds on the skills learned in ENGL 1009 and provides students the opportunity to explore literature in a small group setting (limited to 15) as they continue to refine their English writing skills.

Currently, an ELL Writing Specialist program is being piloted. Students designated by their ENGL 1009 and 1079 instructors as needing support beyond that provided in the course are appointed an ELL Writing Specialist to work on individual challenges in writing.


Language Training courses for Graduate Students are offered each year. ENGL 7700, English Language Training for Graduate Students: Focus on Speech and Presentation Skills, (fall) addresses the challenges non-native speakers face in oral communicability. ENGL 7701, English Language Training for Graduate Students: Focus on Writing, (spring) prepares students for the challenging writing tasks that await them at the graduate level.

Students interested in registering for undergraduate or graduate ELL courses should contact Lynne Anderson, ELL Program Director.