Departmental Honors

Students walking on campus

Students are encouraged to conduct research with professors in the department. A senior thesis is normally a two-semester project often also involving work during the summer after your junior year (or before).

To do a thesis students register for Senior Thesis (EESC 5595) each semester of the senior year. To achieve Department Honors majors in the department need to meet the GPA criteria (3.3 in major, 3.2 overall) and provide a thesis proposal to the Undergraduate Studies Committee by the drop-add date in the fall semester. In the spring the completed thesis, signed by the faculty research advisor, is due to the committee by April 20.

Students can also write a senior thesis under the Arts and Sciences Honors and Scholar of the College programs. Theses that meet these requirements would normally meet the Department Honors requirements. Honors will be awarded upon successful completion of a thesis based on the proposed research project as evaluated by the faculty advisor and approval of the thesis and the candidate’s academic record by the Undergraduate Studies Committee. In general, all students in the department are urged to fulfill at least one of the elective courses in any major program with a project-oriented research course during their senior year. Students may propose substitutes for particular course requirements by a petition, in writing, to the department Undergraduate Studies Committee.

Students are encouraged to talk with their advisor about to option of uploading their final thesis document (which should incorporate any comments made by Undergraduate Studies Committee) to the BC Libraries eScholarship site. This is a great way to ensure that the thesis is accessible to others in the research community, including outside of BC.

Examples of past department honors theses can be found on the eScholarship@BC website. Search for "Earth and Environmental Sciences" under the Undergraduate Honors Theses section.