Lauren Shea

Graduate Student


Broadly speaking, my main area of interest is structural geology combined with metamorphic petrology. Currently, my research aims to utilize field-based and microstructural analysis as a means of quantifying the hypothesized relationship between finite strain and the development of crystallographic preferred orientation texture of plagioclase feldspar within polyphase lower crustal granulites. In doing so, dominant deformation processes acting under a set of deformation conditions (i.e. P, T, stress) can be constrained for a naturally-deformed system, which will advance our understanding of lower crustal rheologic weakening and heterogeneous strain localization.

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Seth C. Kruckenberg

Why did you chose Boston College for graduate school?

In addition to finding an advisor whose research interests matched with mine, I chose BC for graduate study because there is a strong sense of community within the department. Everyone knows each other and is willing to lend a hand, the faculty actively listens to and works with the students in order to keep improving the program, and it is a very encouraging and collaborative environment.

Teaching Assistant (current courses)
  • EESC 2222: Earth Materials
Teaching Assistant (previous courses)
  • EESC 1132: Exploring the Earth