Shannon Graham

Visiting Assistant Professor


The focus of my research is to contribute to a deeper understanding of the causes of crustal deformation and their impact on hazard to local communities. Using geodetic and seismic data to constrain computer-based models of plate boundaries at both the regional and global scale, I strive to answer questions regarding how motion is accommodated across plate boundaries and what impact it has on both future events and society. I am passionate about understanding how the earth works and strive to make meaningful contributions not only scientifically, but that can also be used to determine hazards for local communities.

Recent Publications

Graham, S. E., Loveless, J. P., & Meade, B. J. (2018). Global plate motions and earthquake cycle effects. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19, 2032–2048.

Colella, H.V., Sit, S.M., Brudzinski, M.R., Graham, S.E., DeMets, C., Holtkamp, S.G., Skoumal, R.J., Ghouse, N., Cabral-Cano, E., Kostoglodov, V. and Arciniega-Ceballos, A., 2017. Seismicity rate increases associated with slow slip episodes prior to the 2012 M w 7.4 Ometepec earthquake. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 464, pp.35-45.

Graham, S., DeMets, C., Cabral-Cano, E., Kostoglodov, V., Rousset, B., Walpersdorf, A., … SalazarTlaczani, L. (2015). Slow Slip History for the MEXICO Subduction Zone: 2005 Through 2011. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 1–21. 3.

Rousset, B., Lasserre, C., Cubas, N., Graham, S., Radiguet, M., DeMets, C., … Walpersdorf, A. (2015). Lateral Variations of Interplate Coupling along the Mexican Subduction Interface: Relationships with Long-Term Morphology and Fault Zone Mechanical Properties. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 1–20. article.

Graham, S. E., DeMets, C., Cabral-Cano, E., Kostoglodov, V., Walpersdorf, A., Cotte, N., … Salazar-Tlaczani, L. (2014). GPS constraints on the Mw = 7.5 Ometepec earthquake sequence, southern Mexico: coseismic and post-seismic deformation. Geophysical Journal International , 199(1), 200–218. JOUR.