Careers in Computer Science

Potential Employers

Are you interested in offering an internship or job to a Boston College Computer Science student? Contact the BC Career Center at 617-552-3430.


Seeking an internship or job, please visit the Career Center. The Center offers an array of services to help students with all facets of career planning and job hunting. Graduate and undergraduate students can speak with a counselor about career direction, graduate school, or job search strategies. Services also include resume or cover letter critiques, campus recruiting sessions, graduate school planning, and searching for internships.

The Career Center Located in Southwell Hall on 38 Commonwealth Ave. and can be reached by phone at 617-552-3430 or by fax at 617-552-2584. You can contact the Center via email at

Be sure to visit the ACM Computing Careers website for an excellent overview of careers in Computer Science.

Student Job Opportunities

To inquire about a position with the Computer Science department, contact the department administrator at 617-552-3975.

Research Assistant

The department encourages students to get involved in faculty research. Many students participating in this program integrate this work with bachelor's theses. Responsibilities vary depending on the research project. Typically, research assistants develop software in support of a larger research project directed by a faculty member. See the faculty or research pages for descriptions of the faculty research areas. For further information contact the department administrator or the appropriate faculty member.

Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants are responsible for assisting their assigned professors in student instruction. TAs will hold office hours each week in the CS Lab, where they will be available to:

  • Assist students with homework or other questions related to the course.
  • Monitor the CS Lab. Help students log in, operate the computers and printers, etc.
  • Report problems to the Lab Manager.
  • Other class-related tasks as requested by the assigned professor.

To apply for a TA position, please fill out the online Google form: