Lab Facilities

The following computer labs are available for use by Computer Science students:

Computer Science Lab

Fulton Hall Room 160

This lab is staffed and administered by the Computer Science department for use by students taking Computer Science courses. It is also used as a teaching lab for the department's short courses. The lab contains 16 Apple iMac Intel computers, an LCD projector, a high-end HP laser printer and ample table space for user laptops. Each lab computer is capable of operating Apple OS X or Windows 10. Mr. Phil Temples administers the lab.

Computer Architecture Lab

Fulton Hall, Room 114

The Computer Architecture lab consists of ten Apple iMacs capable of operating Apple OS X or Windows 10. Each is configured with Altera modeling and simulation software and associated hardware. Students in CSCI 2272 use the lab for designing combination and sequential circuits. Students in CSCI 3372 use the lab for designing pipelined datapaths and processors. Mr. Phil Temples administers the lab.

Machine Learning Lab

St. Mary's Hall S275

The Machine Learning lab comprises five Linux workstations equipped with liquid-cooled GeForce GTX Titan X GPU cards, and software that includes Python, CUDA, Caffe, and Theano, as well as three additional Linux boxes, each with four RTX 2080 Ti GPU cards and software that includes PyTorch, TensorFlow, Caffe, CUDA, and CuDNN. The lab is used for projects that involve computationally intensive machine learning algorithms, such as gradient descent training of deep neural networks. The lab director is Prof. Sergio Alvarez.