Introductory Course Advice

Advice for Freshmen and Other Students Regarding Introductory Chemistry Courses

One year of introductory level Chemistry is required for Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Geology majors and is strongly recommended for Physics majors. Students interested in satisfying the Pre-Med requirements will also need to take one year of introductory Chemistry.

Students must take the Chemistry lecture, laboratory and discussion sections concurrently. The two introductory level Chemistry courses are:

CHEM1109 General Chemistry I (3 credits)

Multiple sections are offered. This course is accompanied by the co-requisite CHEM1111 General Chemistry Laboratory I (1 credit). Students may register for any of the laboratory sections offered, regardless of which section of CHEM1109 they choose to take. Students should also register for the supplementary discussion session, CHEM1113 General Chemistry Discussion (0 credits). Students must register for one of the discussion sections that matches the instructor teaching their chosen section of CHEM1109.

The General Chemistry course is recommended for the majority of students.

CHEM1117 Honors Modern Chemistry I (3 credits)

One section is offered. This course is accompanied by the co-requisite CHEM1119 Honors Modern Chemistry Laboratory I (1 credit). Students should also register for one of the supplementary discussion sessions, CHEM1121 Principles of Modern Chemistry Discussion (0 credits).

The Modern Chemistry course is recommended for students who have taken and performed well in an advanced level chemistry course in high school, such as Advanced Placement (AP), Higher Level International Baccalaureate (IB) or British A levels. It is the first course of the Honors Program in Chemistry. A score of 4 or 5 on the AP exam or a score that is higher than 750 on the SAT 2 test would be an indication that this more challenging track in chemistry might be suitable. The Modern Chemistry course moves at an accelerated pace, covering a year’s worth of General Chemistry principles in one semester. During the second semester of freshman year, students in this course begin to study organic chemistry.

In rare instances, it might be appropriate for a student to register for CHEM2231, Organic Chemistry, and CHEM2233, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, in the fall semester of freshman year. This course of action would require departmental permission and is only indicated if a student feels that he/she has an especially strong background in chemistry. In most instances, a student who skips the introductory level chemistry courses would be required to take a year of chemistry at a more advanced level before graduating.

For additional information, please contact Professor Lynne O'Connell, Director of Introductory Chemistry Labs, Merkert 111, ext. 2-3626,