Honors and Awards

Student Awards

The Chemistry Department at Boston College is dedicated to providing a challenging environment for both undergraduate and graduate students. We are pleased that our students not only meet but often exceed our expectations when faced with the demands of their coursework and research experiences. Today, we acknowledge the accomplishments of those students who have received recognition at the departmental, collegial, national, and international levels. These enthusiastic and dedicated scholars exemplify the high standards of our department, and we look forward to observing their future contributions to the scientific community.


Graduate Student Awards

LaMattina Family Fellowship in Chemical Synthesis


  • Gabriel Lovinger
  • Thach Nguyen


  • Zachary Giustra
  • Yong Wang

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Dissertation Fellowship

  • Samantha Cambray

ACS Green Chemistry Pharmaceutical Roundtable Student Grant Award

  • Michael Crockett

Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad

  • Xiahui Yao

The Brian Lawrence Gray Award for Best Posters at BC Chemistry Graduate Symposium

  • Sarah Erickson
  • Diana Fager
  • Yong Wang
  • Yanyan Zhao

Chemistry Department Graduate Student Service Award

  • Katherine Grasso
  • R. Paul Hicks
  • Vincent Ovalle
  • Matthew Thompson

The Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Awards

  • Jonathan Deegan
  • R. Paul Hicks
  • Kelly McCarthy
  • Chet Tyrol
  • Benjamin Williams

Undergraduate Student Awards

The Boston College Excellence in Chemistry Award

  • Dongmin Xu

The Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence Award

  • Christopher Latour

ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

  • Maximilian Palkowitz

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Sewon (Jason) Oh

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

  • Christopher Povinelli

ACS Division of Physical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry

  • Xizi Zhang

Distinguished Performance on Senior Comprehensive Exam

  • Maximilian Palkowitz
  • Dongmin Xu

Brian Lawrence Gray Prize

  • Henry Dieckhaus

Scholars of the College

Stephen Babcock
Regulators of Lipid Scaffold Proteins as Alarmins for Th2-type Allergic Responses
(Eranthie Weerapana, advisor)

Claire Ferguson
Chemical Synthesis of Human Defensins to Facilitate Inhibitor Discovery
(Jianmin Gao, advisor)

Andrea Grote
The Direct Stereospecific Amination of Alkylboronic Esters
(James Morken, advisor)

Christopher Latour
Understanding Mammalian Post-Translational Modifications through Genetic Code Expansion
(Abhishek Chatterjee, advisor)

Mattia Pizzagalli
Towards a Better Understanding of Breast Cancer Pathophysiology: Insights from Mass Spectrometry Platforms Targeting the Mitochondrial Proteome
(Eranthie Weerapana, advisor)

Dongmin Xu
New Z-Selective Alkene Metathesis Methods with Ruthenium Catechothiolate Catalysts
(Amir Hoveyda, advisor)

Xizi Zhang
Selective CO 2 Reduction in a Water-in-Salt Electrolyte
(Dunwei Wang, advisor)

Sophomore Scholars

  • Enric Adillon (Chemistry)
  • Sophia Al-Shwauva (Biochemistry)
  • Henry Dieckhaus (Chemistry)
  • Laura Edinger (Chemistry)
  • James Flynn (Biochemistry)
  • Nhat Minh Ho (Biochemistry)
  • Michael Richard (Biochemistry)
  • Eric Snow (Biochemistry)