Honors and Awards

2015 Student Awards

The Chemistry Department at Boston College is dedicated to providing a challenging environment for both undergraduate and graduate students. We are pleased that our students not only meet but often exceed our expectations when faced with the demands of their coursework and research experiences. Today, we acknowledge the accomplishments of those students who have received recognition at the departmental, collegial, national, and international levels. These enthusiastic and dedicated scholars exemplify the high standards of our department, and we look forward to observing their future contributions to the scientific community.


Graduate Student Awards

2014/2015 Bristol-Myers Graduate Fellowship in Synthetic Organic Chemistry

  • Fanke Meng

Alfred Bader Award for Student Innovation

  • R. Kashif Khan

Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad

  • Fanke Meng
  • Jin Xie
  • Kai Hong

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (Honorable Mention)

  • Rachel Kelemen

John LaMattina Graduate Fellowship

  • Andrew Baggett
  • J. Ryan Coombs
  • Hwanjong Jang

The Brian Lawrence Gray Award for Best Posters at BC Chemistry Graduate Symposium

  • Emma Edelstein
  • Pan Hu
  • Yunan Zheng

Chemistry Department Graduate Student Service Award

  • Alexandra Annis
  • Tyler Bechtel
  • Kelly McCarthy
  • Allison Young

The Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Awards

  • Tyler Bechtel
  • Lauren Blair
  • Emma Edelstein
  • James Thorne
  • Allison Young

Undergraduate Student Awards

The Boston College Excellence in Chemistry Award

  • Corleone Delaveris

The Merck Index Award

  • Omar Khan

2015 Brian Lawrence Gray Prize

  • Erik Liu

Distinguished Performance on Senior Comprehensive Exam

  • Corleone Delaveris
  • Rutvin Kyada

The 2014 ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Julia Curley

The 2015 ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

  • Stephen Trudeau

2015 CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award for General Chemistry

  • Carly Pickett

2015 CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award for Honors Modern Chemistry

  • Elise Hon

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

  • Corleone Delaveris

John Kozarich Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2015

  • Nikhil Tasker
  • Paige Carleen
  • Matthew Golden
  • Xiaofu Cao

Summer Research Fellowship from the Jolane Solomon Research Fund in Memory of Dr. Atena Necula

  • Melissa Chin

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

  • James Brogan

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

  • James Brogan

Phi Beta Kappa Class of 2015

  • Chantal Barksdale (Biochemistry)
  • Corleone Delaveris (Chemistry)
  • Omar Khan, elected in 2014 (Biochemistry)
  • Johanna O’Day (Biochemistry)
  • Ellen White (Biochemistry)
  • Lauren Yablon (Chemistry)

2015 Dean’s Scholars

  • James Brogan (Chemistry/Physics)
  • Leslie Carandang (Biochemistry)
  • Julia Curley (Chemistry)
  • Ian Madden (Chemistry/Physics)
  • Erica Mascarenhas (Biochemistry)
  • Stephen Trudeau (Biochemistry)

2015 Sophomore Scholars

  • Ilektra Andoni (Biochemistry)
  • Xiaofu Cao (Biochemistry)
  • Angel Jiang (Chemistry/Hispanic Studies)
  • Erik Liu (Chemistry)
  • Ciaran Murphy (Biochemistry)
  • Matthew Perryman (Biochemistry)
  • Emily Rosenthal (Biochemistry)
  • Inchul You (Biochemistry)

2015 Scholars of the College

Corleone Delaveris
“In Silico Design of Improved Catalysts for Kemp Elimination: Syntheses and Kinetic Studies”
(Marc Snapper, advisor)

Lauren Yablon
“Synthesis of Functionalized Cyclic Diesters for Use in Ring Opening Polymerization Reactions”
(Jeffery Byers, advisor)

Omar Khan
“Development of a Peptide-Based Probe Targeting Protein Disulfide Isomerase, Isoform A1”

Women in Science and Technology Program

This student-run outreach program, now in its eighth year, is designed to inspire the next generation of women scientists. The month-long Saturday series brings together female students from Boston area high schools for research, experiments, lectures, field trips, and the opportunity to meet mentors and role models from scientific disciplines. The Boston College undergraduate students listed below volunteered their time, energy, and enthusiasm to make this program a great success.


  • Shannon Louie
  • Catherine Riccio



  • Shannon Louie
  • Catherine Riccio

Subject Leaders

  • Ashley Flinn
  • Elise Uberti
  • Xia Yearwood-Garcia


  • Xinni Cai
  • Johanna (Hanna) O’Day
  • Vivian (Elon) Phan