Financial Assistance

Graduate students receive financial support in the form of Teaching (TA) and Research (RA) assistantships as well as tuition remission, which covers the full cost of tuition. Teaching assistantships are provided by departmental funds and carry a 9-month stipend, which may be supplemented by a three-month summer research assistantship stipend. Research assistantships are provided by individual faculty from their active research grants. First year graduate students usually serve as TAs and are involved in all aspects of teaching, grading, and administering undergraduate laboratories and/or recitation sections. In subsequent years, graduate students are generally full-time RAs or split their time between RA and TA duties. The 12-month graduate student stipend for academic year 2018–2019 is $31,000.

Several advanced graduate students also receive prestigious fellowship support from BCC’s industrial sponsors.

Students are encouraged to apply for external fellowships, such as the National Science Foundation and the National Physical Sciences Consortium.