Research Opportunities

For on-campus research, students will need to make contact with an individual faculty member who will agree to supervise you in his or her laboratory. To find a faculty member, look at their research activities and see if you are drawn to specific areas of interest. You can contact professors, visit their labs, and talk to your peers to help make your decision. As a special honor, students can be selected by professors to serve as a paid Undergraduate Research Fellow. View listing of faculty members.

Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the many research opportunities that are available off-campus in biomedical institutions around the Boston area. Students who meet these guidelines and wish to pursue research for credit in an off-campus laboratory should contact Seth Robertson, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Programs, in the Biology office (Higgins 355) for next steps.

Once an opportunity has been found by a student, the student must bring the Undergrad Research Contract Form to the Biology Department for approval either before or during the course registration period. 

**Note that paid positions, both on and off-campus, do not count towards university credit.