Current Students

The Biology Department offers a range of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate study. For undergraduates, the department offers the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program, the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program, and co-sponsors a Biochemistry B.S. degree with the Chemistry Department. In addition, undergraduates may choose to Minor in Biology or obtain the designation of a Concentration in Bioinformatics. A Biology Thesis Program is offered to qualified majors, which involves research and the completion of a thesis in your senior year. Pre-Health Programs are also an option for those students interested in pursuing a health-related career.

Boston College students involved in undergraduate research may apply to the Graduate Program during their Junior year, for entry into a 5-year BS/MS Program.

The department also offers a Ph.D. Program, which provides both a broad background knowledge base and an in-depth study of a specialized area of biology. 

Contact Information

Department of Biology
355 Higgins Hall
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02467

Dina Goodfriend
Associate Director, Administrative
& Graduate Services
Higgins Hall 355C

Seth D. Robertson
Assistant Director of
Undergraduate Programs
355E Higgins Hall

Kathy Dunn, Ph.D.
Associate Chairperson
& Undergraduate Program Director
412 Higgins Hall