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Annual Senior Exhibition

At the end of each academic year, Boston College Studio Art majors and minors mount an exhibition of some of the best work they created during their senior year and produce a catalog with reproductions of selected works along with their artists' statements.

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Work by Students in Studio Art Classes

Self-portraits by students in introductory Painting and Drawing courses

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Students discuss their work in the annual Arts Festival (videos)


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For its inaugural Art in Focus podcast episode, the McMullen Museum Student Ambassadors invited Professors Mary Armstrong and Jeffery Howe for a lively conversation about two of the works in the Museum's current exhibition Nature’s Mirror: Reality and Symbol in Belgian Landscape, for which Professor Howe served as Curator.

The B.C. Libraries celebrated the publication of Mary Sherman: What If You Could Hear a Painting with an interview with the artist that – like the catalog -- traces the development of Professor Sherman's work from what we might usually conceive of as "painting" to her more recent work that incorporates sound and space.

Jay Sugarman of NewTV’s "Museum Open House" interviewed Professor Jeffery Howe about the exhibition “Nature’s Mirror: Reality and Symbol in Belgian  Landscape,” on view at the McMullen Museum of Art during the fall 2017 semester.

Jessica Lu '17 created a video of Professor Mark Cooper's immersive installation "Uncertainty," which was on view at the Lesley University's Roberts Gallery in Cambridge, MA, from March 18 through April 15, 2017.

Jay Sugarman hosted Professors Nancy Netzer and Elizabeth Goizueta (Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences) on a recent episode of Museum Open House on NewTV. Professor Goizueta is the Curator of Rafael Soriano: The Artist as Mystic, the spring exhibition at the McMullen Museum of Art at Boston College, where Professor Netzer serves as Director.

Lorena Turner of New Books in Photography interviewed Professor Karl Baden for that podcast. Although ostensibly about Professor Baden’s 2016 book The Americans by Car, their interesting discussion is much more wide-ranging and often philosophical, starting with the photographer’s formation and education in that art, his influences, the evolution of his work throughout his career, and even the relationship between pain and humor. Professor Baden also outlines his current projects including his “re-discovery” and sharing of the photographs he made while on a cross-country trip in 1975, and potential future projects such as investigating the changing nature of street photography in our fraught times.

Marilyn Schairer interviewed Professor Karl Baden for WGBH's Morning Edition on March 24. Professor Baden discussed what he has learned during the course of his Every Day project, which recently marked a milestone with the photographer having taken a simple photo of himself every day for the past 30 years.

McMullen Museum Student Ambassadors Ellen Hill '17 and Fay Hubregsen '17 interviewed Professor Andrew Tavarelli in the fall of 2016 when "Global Convergences," an exhibition of some of his recent work, was on view at the Museum. In a wide-ranging discussion, Professor Tavarelli talked about his work and how it and the process of making it have changed over his 50-year-plus career, as well as why he'd choose a seal (the marine mammal) as the symbol on his own coat-of-arms. Podcast on Soundcloud.

On February 23, 2017, scores of worldwide news outlets published or broadcast stories about the 30th anniversary of Professor Karl Baden's Every Day project, for which he has made a simple, black-and-white photograph of himself in the same neutral pose since February 23, 1987. Rhondella Richardson of Boston's WCVB-TV Boston visited Professor Baden at Boston College to interview him about his thoughts on reaching this milestone, and Sue O'Connell interviewed him for the March 6th edition of NECN's The Take.

The Libraries' Faculty Publication Highlights featured Professor Hartmut Austen discussing his 2016 artist's book Here r more, as well as his artistic practice and influences, the attitude of interrogation with which he hopes viewers engage his paintings, and, in his first semester at BC, his thoughts on how his relocation to New England might affect his work.

The Boston College Libraries interviewed Professor Karl Baden about his 2016 photo book The Americans by Car. In this episode of "Faculty Publication Highlights," Professor Baden discusses how his work reflects the influence of Robert Frank and Lee Friedlaender, and the process of creating The Americans by Car, in which he pays visual tribute to both of these icons of 20th-century photography.

The new McMullen Museum and its exhibition "Beyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections: Manuscripts for Pleasure and Piety" was featured on WGBH's Open Studio on October 7, 2016. Professor Nancy Netzer discussed the installation of the manuscript show in the new museum's galleries with the show's host Jared Bowen.

The Art Resource Collaborative for Kids is an organization that works in underserved Boston schools to provide arts integration programs. In 2016 Professor Mark Cooper collaborated with ARCK and students from the Gardner Pilot Academy to create the mural I Am, We Are on a wall across from Fenway Park.

In 2015 the George Gund Foundation awarded its Annual Report Commission to Professor Lisa Kessler to document visually the progress of the Cleveland Plan, an ambitious endeavor begun in 2012 to transform that city's schools. The exhibition of photographs resulting from the project opened at the Cleveland Public Main Library on September 2, 2016.

Jay Sugarman interviewed Professor Nancy Netzer, Director of the McMullen Museum of Art, about the new museum and its inaugural exhibition "Beyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections: Manuscripts for Pleasure and Piety" for his NewTV show Museum Open House in September 2016.

Molly Phelps '14 (Art History) presents her talk "Rembrandt's Minerva of 1635: Myth and Politics in the Dutch Golden Age" at BCTalks (April 8, 2014)

Annie McEwen'14 (Art History) presents her talk "Baroque Art: Meaning and Relativit" at BCTalks (April 8, 2014)

Barron Flood presents his talk "The Atheist's Cathedral: Oscar Niemeyer's Cathedral at Brasilia" at BCTalks (April 25, 2013)

Professor Sheila Gallagher discusses how she recycles trash into artwork in a WCVB Chronicle program that aired on April 8th, 2016

Senior Reference Librarian Nina Bogdanovsky interviews Professor Jonathan Bloom about his 2013 book The Minaret in a 2015 edition of BC Libraries' Faculty Publication Highlights.

Professor Karl Baden talks about his 2014 book Work from Two Bodies in this 2015 edition of BC Libraries' Faculty Publication Highlights.

Professor Sheila Blair discusses her 2014 book Text and Image in Medieval Persion Art with Senior Reference Librarian Nina Bogdanovsky in a 2015 edition of BC Libraries' Faculty Publication Highlights.

In this 2014 edition of BC Libraries' Faculty Publication Highlights, Former Bapst Art Librarian Adeane Bregman interviews Professor John Michalczyk and Raymond Helmick about their 2013 book Through a Lens Darkly: Films of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing.

Professors Jeffery Howe and Nancy Netzer are guests of Jay Sugarman on this segment of NewTV's Museum Open House that aired in October 2015. Topics include that fall's McMullen Museum exhibition"John LaFarge and the Recovery of the Sacred," and the forthcoming move of the Museum to its new location on the Brighton campus.

This September 17, 2014 story on the CBS Evening News chronicles how curators Don Bacigalupi and Chad Alligood found the artists – including Professor Sheila Gallagher – they chose to include in the 2014 exhibit "State of the Art" at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR.

On April 14, 2015, Leila Amineddoleh J.D. BC Law School '06 delivered a lecture, Legal Issues in Art Restitution: Historic Looting, the Monuments Men, and Nazi Looted Art, in conjunction with a course entitled "Loot"; that Professors Stephanie Leone and Nancy Netzer were teaching that semester.

Many departmental faculty members have made available to students and others digital resources they've created in the course of their teaching and research. These include

  • Fernand Khnopff: Writings on Art and Artists 
    A compilation of all the known writings of the Belgian Symbolist, as well as summaries of many of his lectures. Edited by Professor Jeffery Howe, with the assistance of Jean Bower '17 (Art History). Khnopff was a prolific writer on art, publishing in Belgian, English, German, and Austrian journals. For this comprehensive volume, Professor Howe provides original translations of articles from French and German-language sources.
  • John La Farge: Stained Glass in New England: A Digital Guide
    Professor Jeffery Howe worked with the University Library to create this website as a complement to the McMullen Museum of Art's 2015 exhibition John La Farge and the Recovery of the Sacred. The resource continues to serve as an invaluable guide to John La Farge's work in stained glass throughout the northeast. Professor Howe's extensive photographic documentation of these works accompanies textual commentary on the windows and biographical information about the architects of the buildings into which La Farge's windows are incorporated. With practical information, including a map and links to opening hours for the venues, the Guide will be appreciated by both actual and armchair travelers.
  • The Becker Collection, a database of approximately 650 drawings made by artist-reporters covering the Civil War. Professors Sheila Gallagher and Judith Bookbinder created this resource in conjunction with an exhibition, and students in related courses continue to perform research and add to the information compiled in the database. Interactive introduction to the Becker Collection related article in Boston College Magazine.
  • Roma: Caput Mundi, Professor Stephanie Leone's web project grew out of her desire to provide to her students access to the many images of architectural monuments she has photographed during her years studying in Rome. The interactive site uses a map of the city to allow users to visualize the monuments within the broader urban context and in the historical development of the Eternal City.
  • Art on the Web, a list of art-related websites that Professor Jeffery Howe has found interesting. Mostly compiled during the pre-Google years (remember them?), the usefulness of this personally curated and categorized collection of links endures.
  • Digital Archive of American Architecture and A Digital Archive of European Architecture. Professor Howe scanned some of his vast 35-millimeter slide collection to use in teaching his architectural history courses. On these pages he has organized the images and made them available for educational use.