Art History Careers

One of the most valuable things you can do to learn about careers and to gain experience is to pursue an internship. Start by exploring the links below but be sure to check in with the BC Career Center regarding the process of looking for and making the most of an internship, as well as any additional opportunities they may know about. 


In January and February the Boston Athenaeum sponsored a series of panel discussions on "The Future of Museums." The topics included "Museums and the Public," "Museums and Technology," and "The Future of Museum Governance." Thomas Campbell, Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Amit Sood, Head of the Google Art Project were among the eminent participants in the discussions. Videos of the three events are available here (free registration required).

Temples of Delight
In this recent article from itsspecial series on museums, The Economist reports on the growing success of museums worldwide, a trend that bodes well for those interested in pursuing careers in these institutions.

Additional articles in this series include The Bilbao Effect (if you build it, will they come?), On a wing and a prayer (why so many museums are venturing into new works), Mad about museums (China is building thousands of new museums, but how will it fill them?) and Feeding the culture-vultures (What museums must do to satisfy an increasingly demanding public).

Liberal Arts Majors and Employment
This new report from the Association of American Colleges and Universities provides evidence that, while Liberal Arts majors may start out earning less, their salaries will eventually catch up to—and even surpass—those of professional and pre-
professional majors. The data also strongly suggest that earning a graduate degree can further increase earning power for Liberal Arts majors.