Events and Exhibitions



Art & Digital Technology
Level One Gallery, O'Neill Library, Boston College
Through January 31, 2018

Students in Professor Karl Baden's "Art & Digital Technology" class combine text and image to produce a variety of design and art-oriented pieces, including book and magazine spreads, posters, advertisements and CD covers, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as creative tools. This exhibition comprises their final projects. At left: ​Clare Kim '18, The Birth of Danny, 2017.​


Amplified Heart
O'Neill Library Level Three Gallery
Through January 2018; Library hours

Paintings by Professor Ariel Freiberg that place fragments of women's faces – representing idealized beauty as it's typically portrayed in our culture – in abstracted spaces, prompting viewers to engage in different way with these images, and to reconsider their usual response to images intended to produce desire. At left: Ariel Freiberg, Amplified Heart, 2015 (oil on canvas; 48 x 36").

Social Promo

Witness to Faith: The Biblical Art of Sadao Watanabe
Theology and Ministry Library, Boston College
October 5 – December 20, 2017; Library hours

A Buddhist convert to Christianity, Sadao Watanabe used the traditional Japanese folk art technique of stencil dying to create religious art that was accessible to a wide audience and appropriate for display in vernacular settings. This exhibition includes over 30 of his works, including the stencil prints, calendars, and Christmas cards he made in the three decades prior to his death in 1996. There will be an opening reception from 4:30 until 6 pm on Thursday, October 5. At left: Sadao Watanabe, Last Supper, 1990 (color stencil on Momogami paper).