An Interview

Pioneers of Multicultural Counseling: An Interview With Janet E. Helms

This article presents an interview with Dr. Janet E. Helms, scholar, researcher, and mentor in the fields of multicultural counseling and psychology. In this interview, Dr. Helms reflects on her educational and professional development and gives her thoughts about multiculturalism as it relates to her own work.

Over the course of the last two decades, Janet E. Helms has been a major force in psychology. Since graduating from Iowa State University in 1975, she has been a major contributor and driving force in innovative empirical research and theory building pertaining to issues of race, gender, and culture in psychology. Her influential theory building, specifically regarding racial (Black and White) and “womanist” identity, reaches outside the boundaries of psychology. She also has, in collaboration with her associates and students, given empirical validity to multicultural counseling and psychology. Her research and theories are frequently cited, and many of her publications are seminal in the field and soon will be classics.


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