Welcome to the International Network for Higher Education in Africa (INHEA). Established in 2003, the Network is intended for scholars, experts, practitioners, policy makers, funders, students, and others engaged in research and development focused on Africa. This resource has an important role to play in organizing and making sense of emerging developments.


Africa News: We continually post online news related to African higher education on Twitter from many different sources, such as Allafrica, University World News, Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed. This will help you keep updating about what’s happening at the current moment in the African higher education.  Please follow us on Twitter.

Chronicle of African Higher Edcation: We promote the scope of higher education research, policy dialogue and communication in Africa; this section is being hosted at the Higher Education Training and Development (HETD), at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

INHEA Editorial Series: We periodically post opinion pieces regarding higher education in Africa by regional experts. The archive of the editorials are also avaiable from the website.

Africa Focused Blogs From The World View - Inside Higher Ed: We highlight blogs addressing issues in African higher education that have been published on The World View, our blog on Inside Higher Ed. All blogs are available on the website of Inside Higher Ed

IHE Articles on Africa: We highlight articles on African higher education from the recent issue of International Higher Education (IHE), our quarterly newsletter. To read more than 70 articles on African higher education, search the CIHE database.

Africa Initiatives: We post information about current initiatives related to African higher education. More information about intiatives are included in the CIHE database.

Africa Resources: We provide links to some of the key resources on African higher education here. Additional resources are included in the CIHE database.

Books on African Higher Education: A list of books and reports regarding African Higher Education is available on our website.

The International Journal of African Higher Education


INHEA is jointly hosted by the Boston College Center for International Higher Educationand Higher Education Training and Development, University of Kwazulu-Natal under the leadership of its founding director, Professor Damtew Teferra.


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