1:2 is our staff-to-student ratio.


A Campus School Student and Teacher

We develop our curriculum with careful planning, evidence-based practices, ongoing assessments and insightful staff reflection. With roots in the state’s General Education Frameworks, our curriculum creates a responsive learning environment where students thrive.

Our expert teaching staff, specialists and medical professionals collaborate to address student needs across learning areas and school environments. This transdisciplinary team meets once a week to assess individual student programs – and plant ideas for continued growth. Additionally, we incorporate various therapies into the daily classroom schedule.

The Campus School also uses the Assessment, Evaluation and Programming System to evaluate student goals and objectives and create intervention plans. For students age 8 to 16, we link Individualized Education Program goals to state learning standards.

Campus School Student

Our approach structures all that we do, from activity units to the entire school year schedule, into cycles to give students a sense of completion to our curriculum.

Structured by classroom type – from preschool to high school – our curriculum branches out into five areas: Communication competency and language development; personal management; applied academics; socialization; and leisure and recreation.