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The Campus School benefits from the contributions of university students who volunteer and bring their energy and enthusiasm into the school setting. The Campus School Volunteers of Boston College (CSVBC) is an organization of university undergraduate students dedicated to working with and for the Campus School. 

Part of the CSVBC mission is to promote friendships between the Campus School students and Boston College undergraduates. Through the "classroom buddy" and "literacy buddy" programs, Campus School students are paired with one or two BC students to spend time together working on crafts, reading books, or listening to music. The volunteers also host special events parties once a month where volunteers, students, and teachers can celebrate holidays and other occasions. The event planning culminates in a Semi-Formal dance in the spring.

The CSVBC also works to raise awareness about the work of the Campus School throughout the Boston College community. They host awareness events throughout the year and also publish a newsletter, The Inner Voice, that is distributed to volunteers, friends and families of the Campus School.

Volunteer time and energy is also spent fundraising. Volunteers facilitate the training of a Boston Marathon team. This past year, more than 100 Boston College students raised money for the Campus School by running in the Boston Marathon. The CSVBC hosts a broom hockey tournament for Boston College students, and organizes a golf tournament in May at a local venue. This past year, the CSVBC helped raise $132,000 for the Campus School at Boston College in partnership with the Dance Ensemble of Boston College. The Dance Ensemble donates all proceeds from ticket sales to the Campus School.

Campus School Volunteers


Another volunteer opportunity at the Campus School at Boston College is the Creative Kids Program. Creative Kids, which is part of the National Very Special Arts Program, pairs Campus School students with undergraduate volunteers from Boston College. Each week, Campus School students have the opportunity to spend time with a "Creative Kids Buddy" outside of the classroom setting. Students and volunteers get together as a group and participate in multisensory activities that combine music, movement and fun.

For more information on getting involved with Creative Kids, please contact us.

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The PULSE Program provides Boston College undergraduates with the opportunity to combine supervised social service or social advocacy field work with the study of Philosophy, Theology, and other disciplines. Placement at the Campus School offers an opportunity to learn and carry out programs alongside classroom staff. These include innovative techniques in educational, therapeutic, and health care delivery. PULSE students have the opportunity and experience of assisting in a classroom setting while developing their own understanding and caring about individuals with disabilities.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please email us.