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Betty Leask

Visiting Professor, Internationalization of Higher Education Center for International Higher Education, Lynch School of Education and Human Development

Professor Emerita, Internationalization of Higher Education - La Trobe University


ELHE Educational Leadership & Higher Education



  • Leask, B. (2015) Internationalising the Curriculum. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Leask, B. & Carroll, J. (2013) Learning and Teaching Across Cultures: Good Practice Principles and Quick Guides. IEAA: Melbourne, Australia.
  • Leask, B. (ed) (2013) Journal of Studies in International Education Special Issue: Internationalisation of the curriculum and the Disciplines Vol. 17, No. 2

Refereed Journal Articles (Selected)

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  • Leask, B. (2001). Bridging the Gap: Internationalising University Curricula. Journal of Studies in International Education, 5(2), 100-115. http://jsi.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/5/2/100

Book Chapters (Selected):

  • Leask, B. & Charles, H. (2018) Chapter 8 ‘Internationalizing the Curriculum’ pp 65-72 In Deardorff, D. & Charles, H.(eds) Leading Internationalization – A Handbook for International Education Leaders. Stylus, Virginia co-published with AIEA
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  • de Wit, H. & Leask, B. (2017) ‘Re-imagining the University for the 21st Century’ Part II pp 222-236 in Grau, F. X., Escrigas C., Goddard, J., Hall, B., Hazelkorn, E. and Tandon, R. (eds) Higher Education in the World 6: Towards a Socially Responsible University: Balancing the Global with the Local Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI) http://www.guninetwork.org/report/higher-education-world-6
  • Leask, B. (2016) ‘Internationalizing Curriculum and Learning for All Students’ Part Three, pp 49-53 in Jones, E., Coelen, R., Beelen, J. and de Wit, H. (eds) Global and Local Internationalization. Sense Publishers
  • de Wit, H. & Leask, B. (2015) Foreword: ‘Internationalisation, the Curriculum and the Disciplines’ pp ix-xv in Green, W. and Whitsed, C. (eds) Critical Perspectives on Internationalising the Curriculum in Disciplines: Reflective Narrative Accounts from Business, Education and Health. Sense Publishers
  • Leask, B., Beelen, J. and Kaunda, L. (2013) Chapter 5: Internationalisation of the curriculum: international approaches and perspectives pp. 187-205 in de Wit, H., F. Hunter, L. Johnson and H-G van Liempd  (2013) Possible futures the next 25 years of the internationalisation of higher education. Amsterdam: EAIE.

Blog posts (Selected)

Invited presentations: (Selected)

  • Leask, B & de Wit, H. Internationalisation in Higher Education – Universities Past, Present and Future: Pushing the Boundaries Barker Centre, Harvard University, 2 May, 2019
  • Leask, B. Internationalisation of the Curriculum Keynote at Karolinska Institutet's Educational Congress 2018, Stockholm, 15 March 2018,
  • Leask, B. Internationalisation of the curriculum and quality improvement – what’s the connection? Keynote at HEA/QQI Joint Conference ‘Internationalisation – a driver of quality in Irish Higher Education’, The Printworks, Dublin Castle, Dublin, 11 December 2017