Minor in Educational Theatre

The Department of Theatre is offering an Educational Theatre Minor designed for Lynch School of Education and Human Development students in Teacher Education and Applied Psychology and Human Development. This new minor provides drama education and theatre training to Lynch School students who hope to include theatre as a subject they teach and practice in school settings and/or who want to use creative dramatics and applied theatre techniques as teaching tools in other institutional settings.  As research consistently supports the impact of creative dramatics on students’ self-esteem, literacy achievement, overall stamina, and psychological health (Brinda, 2008; Dupont, 1998; Moran, 2006), the study and practice of theatre arts, richly enhances pedagogy for teachers and human service providers. Furthermore, Theatre techniques have also emerged as a successful intervention for students with moderate and severe special needs (Hipsky, 2007), thus complementing a special needs concentration. This minor is comprised of 6 courses and 2 labs for a total of 20 credits.