Program details

All UCTC candidates apply to the Lynch School of Education and Human Development’s master of education program in Curriculum & Instruction and indicate on the application that they are applying to the Urban Catholic Teacher Corps. The graduate application fee is waived for UCTC applicants. Once offered admission in the master's program, candidates will interview to then be accepted into UCTC. 

Professor Martin Scanlan

UCTC program of study

The UCTC Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed. is a 10-course, 30-credit program of study. Approximately half of the courses are taken as a UCTC cohort.

Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed. Program Details

Cohort courses

The following courses are taken as a cohort:

  • EDUC7421—Theories of Instruction
  • EDUC7436—Curriculum Theories and Practice
  • ELHE7425—Transforming the Field of Catholic Education
  • EDUC7435—Social Contexts of Education
  • EDUC7495—Human Development and Disabilities
  • EDUC7621—Bilingualism and Literacy Development

EDUC6346 or EDUC6347—Teaching Bilingual Students and electives are not scheduled as cohort courses.


You may take electives in any courses you have interest or offer you additional opportunity for growth as a Catholic school teacher. For single-subject teachers (middle and high school) you may take all or some in your single subject area in order to fulfill requirements for Massachusetts professional licensure (to be applied for after three years of teaching under your initial licensure).


All UCTC members receive both academic and professional licensure advising with specific UCTC advisers.


For answers to your questions, please contact us at or 617-552-0602.

Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed. Program of Study

How to apply

Apply to UCTC via the Lynch School application

  • On the Lynch School of Education and Human Development application page, apply to the master’s program in Curriculum and Instruction.
  • On the Lynch School application form under “Academic Information” section, where it asks, “Are you applying to a specialty program?” select "Urban Catholic Teacher Corps" from the drop down menu.
  • The Lynch School waives the application fee for UCTC applicants. Applicants to UCTC do not need to take the GRE. 

UCTC deadline: January 6.


Apply Now

Contact your references

You will need recommendations from two individuals who can speak to your academic qualifications, a roommate/housemate, a student teaching supervisor, and a spiritual advisor.

  • Contact potential references early to provide them adequate time to complete a high-quality recommendation. 
  • Your references’ names and contact information are submitted through the “Recommender Registration” tab on the Lynch School application. 
  • They will receive an e-mail with instructions and you will be notified in this section of the application when their recommendations are received.

Sign up for an interview

Every UCTC candidate who completes an application will be offered an interview, which will be scheduled after you have successfully applied to and have been accepted by the Lynch School of Education and Human Development.


Candidates of UCTC will be notified of their application status on approximately March 17.

  • At that time candidates are either offered admission to the program (including notification of placement school, community house, and important program information), offered a place on the waitlist, or not offered a position in the program. 
  • After receiving offers of placement, candidates are normally given 72 hours in order to confirm or they will be moved to the waitlist and a candidate on the waitlist is offered a position. 
  • Well-qualified candidates who are not able to be offered a position, but are admitted to the Lynch School, are supported in identifying full-time teaching opportunities in the Archdiocese of Boston.

*Note: If you do not begin your full-practicum student teaching until the Spring semester, you may send your Supervising Teacher Recommendation Letter no later than February 15. Please contact if you plan on sending in your Supervising Teacher Recommendation by the February deadline.

UCTC Member

Visit us

Boston College is not accepting visitors at this time. Though not required of any applicant, a visit to Boston College, the UCTC schools, and the UCTC residence gives potential applicants the greatest sense of what their life will be like as a UCTC volunteer. To set up a campus visit for another time, please contact

Lynch School Graduate Admission Events


  • Admission to the Lynch School of Education and Human Development (Curriculum & Instruction)
    Before being admitted to UCTC, candidates must first be accepted to the master of education program in Curriculum & Instruction at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education and Human Development. UCTC will review candidates prior to notification of acceptance to the Lynch School; however, final decisions cannot be made regarding any candidates for UCTC until the Lynch School has made all admissions decisions.
  • Vocation to teach in Catholic schools
    Successful candidates to UCTC have discerned a desire to teach in Catholic schools serving urban students and see teaching in this setting as a life calling.
  • Desire to live in an intentional faith-based community and to grow in one’s own faith
    Community living is a required component of program participation. UCTC members live, learn, and actively support each other throughout the two-year commitment. All participants must have a desire and be willing to commit themselves to focusing on their own continued faith formation.
  • Full year of supervised student teaching or other previous supervised teaching experience
    Most often applicants to UCTC are education majors or minors; however, depending on the program of study available at your undergraduate institution, this may or may not be the case. Regardless of your undergraduate program of study, all candidates must have completed a supervised student teaching experience or one year of supervised teaching experience in order to be considered for admission to UCTC.

Additional opportunities

  • Federal student loan deferral—Offered to all Boston College graduate students

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  • Boston College Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) Certification—All UCTC participants will complete the requirements of the BC TELL certificate, which is needed for licensure if you are coming from outside Massachusetts.

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  • Catechetical Educators Certification—All UCTC participants complete the Catechetical Educators Certification offered through the Archdiocese of Boston and Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry Crossroads program. Please note that completion of the certificate requires approximately one online four-week course per semester.

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  • Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) and Massachusetts Initial Licensure—For individuals who do not complete their MTEL or file for Massachusetts Initial Licensure as part of their undergraduate program of study, UCTC will pay these fees. However, the required exams and filing must take place in your first summer in UCTC.

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