Student Teaching

Student Teaching 

The Lynch School partners with a range of urban and suburban public, private, parochial, and charter schools in Greater Boston—empowering students to apply their skills in dynamic classroom settings. In the process, they gain teaching experience and learn how to thrive in an increasingly diverse education environment.

Student teaching opportunities include:

  • Field placements for pre-service candidates
  • Action research projects
  • Urban immersion site-based courses
  • Professional development opportunities for in-service teachers, administrators, and other professionals in schools and community based organizations

Boston College supports these partnerships through competitive national grants, including recent awards from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the National Science Foundation and through Title III funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

Pre-Practicum Experience

  • Undergraduates complete three pre-practicum experiences, each in a different setting and consisting of one school day per week for 10 weeks.
  • Students frequently collaborate on-site with their Program Supervisor.
  • In addition to in-class time supervised by graduate teaching assistants, undergraduate teacher candidates participate in one Special Issues in Teaching seminar per pre-practicum.

Full Practicum Experience

  • The undergraduate capstone experience includes one semester-long full practicum, usually during senior year.
  • During the full practicum, teacher candidates work on-site five days a week under the supervision of a practitioner and clinical faculty member.

Pre-Practicum Experience

Graduate students complete one pre-practicum experience. Although only one school day per week for 10 weeks is required, we recommend graduate students spend two school days per week on-site during their pre-practicum.

Practicum Experience

The Lynch School requires graduate students to complete one 14-week, full practicum experience, conducted under the joint supervision of the Program Supervisor and the Supervising Practitioner.