Higher Education FAQ

How may I obtain more information about the Higher Education program?

For information on our program please visit the department website. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Higher Education Department at bchighered@bc.edu.

What makes the Higher Education program at BC unique?

The program has three distinct Higher Education concentrations, Administration, Student Affairs and Catholic University Leadership.  The Student Affairs Concentration prepares students to work as student affairs professionals by helping them gain an understanding of the foundations of higher education and student affairs, along with the knowledge, skills, and experience to link theory and practice. The Administration Concentration is focused on law, policy, and administration and prepares students to work as professionals in colleges and universities as well as policy and advocacy organizations. The Catholic University Leadership Concentration is designed to foster an understanding of higher education administration within Catholic colleges and universities.  Each concentration requires a year-long Field Experience which links theory and practice. Also, the Social Justice mission of Boston College sets the school apart from many competing colleges and universities. 

How long does it take to complete the program?

The majority of students complete the program in two years.  By choosing the two year route, students have a foundation year and a second year to sharpen their knowledge of a certain aspect within higher education and apply the skills in their field experience placement. The program can be completed in one academic year and a summer however, due to intense nature of the program and the lack of opportunity to gain field experience, this is NOT recommended for those students coming directly from an undergraduate degree program.  We have found that students coming directly from an undergraduate degree program are more successful in their job search after graduation if they have two years of graduate student field experience to go along with their degree-particularly those students who will enroll in the Student Affairs Concentration.

Is there a capstone to the program?

Students are required to take comprehensive exams that test their knowledge of the core curriculum.  Comprehensive exams are written over one weekend during the fall or spring semester after students have completed their foundation and core requirements.

Can I take courses outside the Lynch School of Education and Human Development?

Graduate students in the Lynch School may cross register for one elective course each semester at Boston University, Brandeis University, and Tufts University if a similar course is not available at Boston College. Students should contact their Program Directors to review the department's special rules and regulations. Cross registration materials are available in Lyons Hall.