The Roche Center research team serves two primary needs: tracking the effectiveness of our signature programs, and developing data literacy among the Catholic schools we serve directly. The first of these initiatives produces resources for both scholarly conversation and practical application in Catholic education. The second, developing data literacy, equips schools involved in our signature programs to make reliable, data-informed decisions, track the effects of new initiatives in the school, and reflect upon changes in the school and its community. presentation, and publication.

Roche Center Graduate Assistants from the Lynch School of Education work in all of these research areas under the guidance and mentorship of Roche Center staff and partners. Graduate Assistants gain experience in the field of Catholic education with opportunities for networking, professional development, 

Publications and Presentations

Baez Cruz, M., Scanlan, M., & Hunter, C. (2016). Assessing school climate in bilingual settings: Current challenges and future directions. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, Washington, D.C. 

Hunter, C., & Scanlan, M. (2016). The Two-Way Immersion Students in Catholic Schools: A Partnership Involving Networks of Schools and Higher Education. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, Washington, D.C. 

Scanlan, M., Kim, M., Vuilleumier, C., & Burns, M. B. (2016). Poco a Poco: Leadership Practices Supporting Productive Communities of Practice in Schools Serving the New Mainstream. Educational Administration Quarterly 2016, Vol. 52(1) 3–44.

I've gained professional experience working at the Center. I've participated in meetings and lead parts of presentations, experiences that I'll carry over into my future career. My supervisor ensures that all graduate assistants at the Center receive as much exposure to professional experiences as possible to develop the skills needed to succeed in a professional environment.
Eric Williams M.Ed. ‘18