Center research focuses on both longitudinal assessments of program outcomes and national issues facing Catholic education. Program-related assessments include the Two Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools (TWIN-CS), the Emmaus Leadership Series and the Urban Catholic Teacher Corps (UCTC).  National issues research has included Catholic Schools Serving Hispanic Families and the Catholic Schools Standards Study.

Roche Center Graduate Assistants from the Lynch School of Education work in all of these research areas under the guidance and mentorship of Roche Center staff and partners. Graduate Assistants gain experience in the field of Catholic education with opportunities for networking, professional development, presentation, and publication.

Notably, I've come to learn how different a market Catholic schools are compared to non-Catholic schools. They emphasize spiritual values and efforts in developing faith, which in turn translate to a tighter community and character growth. I find it fascinating to look at current data for the school leaders participating in the Emmaus series, and to track their progress and see how their school has changed with regards to spirituality. It's exciting to think about how these changes will impact their schools in the long run as well.
Sam Racine M.Ed. ‘17
I am proud to be an alumnus of the Roche Center graduate assistant program. The four years of my research assistantship at the Roche Center culminated into a doctoral dissertation on how a network of Catholic school educators promotes productive communities of practice. Upon graduation, I began working for the Human Resources Research and Advanced Analytics Team at Microsoft headquarters, where I continue to implement skills and knowledge obtained at the Roche Center to evaluate various programs addressing diversity and inclusion challenges.
Minsong Kim, Ph.D. ‘16