Located an hour north of Boston proper on the Merrimack River, Lawrence has a rich history as the United States' first planned industrial city. The city is currently experiencing a need for excellent elementary and middle school educators, particularly those who are proficient and/or fluent in both English and Spanish. Members of the UCTC Lawrence cohort will be able to pursue their Masters of Education in Teaching and Curriculum online as they immerse themselves in one of Massachusetts' most dynamic cities. 


Xavier High School
  1. Admission to the Lynch School of Education (Curriculum & Instruction) - Before being admitted to UCTC, candidates must first be accepted to the Master of Education Program in Curriculum & Instruction in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. UCTC will review candidates prior to notification of acceptance to the Lynch School; however, final decisions cannot be made regarding any candidates for UCTC until the Lynch School has made all admissions decisions.

  2. Vocation to teach in Catholic schools - Successful candidates to UCTC have discerned a desire to teach in Catholic schools serving urban students and see teaching in this setting as a life calling. For our Lawrence cohort, we are specifically seeking teachers with a desire or willingness to serve in elementary and middle school settings, as well as those who are both proficient and/or fluent in Spanish. 

  3. Desire to live in an intentional faith-based community and to grow in one's own faith - Community living is a required component of program participation. UCTC members live, learn, and actively support each other throughout the two-year commitment. All participants must have a desire and be willing to commit themselves to focusing on their own continued faith formation.

  4. Full year of supervised student teaching or other previous supervised teaching experience - Most often applicants to UCTC are education majors or minors; however, depending on the program of study available at your undergraduate institution, this may or may not be the case. Regardless of your undergraduate program of study, all candidates must have completed a supervised student teaching experience or one year of supervised teaching experience in order to be considered for admission to UCTC.

  5. Eligibility for Massachusetts Initial Licensure - For more information on eligibility for initial licensure in MA, visit the Commonwealth of Mass. Department of Education Licensure webpage.
  1. Rigorous Catholic school teacher preparation program - Through courses, experience in your teaching placement, workshops, reflections, and a number of other opportunities, you will be both continually challenged and supported in your growth in an amazing Catholic school teacher.

  2. Individual faith formation opportunities - UCTC offers participants the opportunity for weekly faith sharing, three retreats a year, spiritual direction, pilgrimages, and full engagement in community living and simplicity.

  3. Developmental support from mentor, supervisor, and coach - Each participant in UCTC will be assigned a supervisor and mentor in her/his school placement as well as a BC coach.

  4. Mutual support through community living - Community living offers challenges, but also great support. In community participants find a unique support system amongst a group of individuals experiencing the same challenges and successes.

  5. Tuition remission - UCTC covers the cost of all units in the Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.

  6. Housing - UCTC covers all rent and utilities in the required UCTC community housing. Both the Dorchester and Brockton community houses include free wifi and laundry. The Dorchester house has a library with academic and teaching resources.

  7. Opportunity for federal student loan deferral - As graduate students, UCTC members have the opportunity for federal student loan deferment. BC Financial Aid will support you in seeking this deferral; however, each individual is responsible for their own undergraduate student loans.

  8. Boston College TELL Certification - Through the UCTC program of Study in Curriculum & Instruction in the Lynch School of Education, all UCTC participants will complete the requirements of the BC TELL Certificate.

  9. Catechetical Educators Certification - Through the Archdiocese of Boston and Boston College's STM Crossroads program (formerly, C21 Online), all UCTC participants complete the Catechetical Educators Certification. (For more information visit the STM Crossroads site. Please note that completion of the certificate requires approximately one online four week course per semester must be completed.)

  10. Monthly simple living stipend - Participants receive a $650 stipend payment each month over the two years of program participation.

  11. MTEL and Mass. Initial Licensure - For individuals who do not complete their MTEL or file for Mass. Initial Licensure as part of their undergraduate program of study, UCTC pays these fees. However, the required exams and filing must take place in your first summer in UCTC. (All UCTC members must either already have initial licensure or complete the requirements and file for initial Mass. licensure in their first summer in UCTC.)