Emmaus Series

​The Emmaus Leadership Series is a powerful leadership development program for Catholic school principals and heads of schools.

Effective leaders for today's Catholic schools demand an aptitude in three dynamic areas: spiritual leadership, curriculum and instructional leadership, and operational leadership. The Emmaus Series offers training and targeted support in order to deepen leaders' knowledge of these areas, investigate the systems that influence them, and introduce changes to improve the overall effectiveness of their schools. The Emmaus Series supports Catholic school leaders who want to make their schools’ mission and vision a tangible, sustainable reality.
This enterprising professional development experience is comprised of mentoring, retreats, workshops, and webinars over a 20-month period. Participating leaders benefit from the Emmaus Series’ utilization of the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools and key partnerships within Boston College’s Lynch School of Education, the School of Theology and Ministry, and the Carroll School of Management.



Every Catholic school leader should experience the Emmaus Program. Besides exposure to experts in a variety of fields, participants form invaluable networks with other Catholic school leaders that produce life-long friendships.
Dr. Corinne Merritt, Principal, Tauton Catholic Middle School, Tauton, MA
The commitment of the leaders and professional staff at the Roche Center to each of the participants has made our journey together on the Road to Emmaus transformative.
Deborah O'Neill, Principal, St. Bernadette School, Northborough, MA