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October 19-20, 2018

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New this Year!  Attend Diversity Challenge Workshops ONLINE!


Making Race and Culture Work in the STEM Era:  Bringing All People to the Forefront

Each year the Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture (ISPRC) addresses a racial or cultural issue that could benefit from a pragmatic, scholarly, or grassroots focus through its Diversity Challenge conference.  The theme of Diversity Challenge 2018 is Making Race and Culture Work in the STEM Era: Bringing All People to the Forefront.  

This year attend *CE-Credited Keynote Workshops, Invited Panels, and Seminars from your location.  Once you register, you will receive information on how to access the sessions.  The topics include:


Inventing the Future: Leveraging Cultural Assets to Create Young STEM Inventors

Bullying and Other Barriers to Diversity in STEM

Fostering Culturally Affirming Clinical Supervision in the Workplace: Enhancing Transformative Dialogue in the Supervisory Dyad

Addressing Mental Health and Systemic Barriers: Accompanying Students of Color Along their Educational Journey

Infusing the Psychology of Working into STEM: Creating Opportunity for All

Race and Culture: The Current State of STEM Education

Digital Narratives and Storytelling: Engaging Technology, Culture, and Content

How Race Matters in Organizations: What You Do Affects Recruitment, Retention, and Productivity

*CE Approval Pending



*Images are from prior Challenges



Continuing Education Credits / Professional Development Points

Continuing Education Credits (CE's) are offered for Psychologists through the Massachusetts Psychological Association. They may be purchased as follows:  6 CE credits for $40 or 12 CE credits for $80.  They may be purchased in advance with your online registration. *Note: You must complete and sign an evaluation for each CE-associated session in order to receive credit.  We also provide Certificates of Participation for teachers seeking Professional Development Points (PDPs).  Psychologists will receive their certificates by mail.  PDP certificates, which verify the number of hours of participation in the sessions marked with asterisks can be requested.


Diversity Challenge Webinar Format

We offer eight 90-minute blocks of various presentations over Friday and Saturday.  Sessions are Eastern time zone.

    Each Day - 

        9:30-11:00am - Workshop / Symposium

        11:15-12:45pm - Invited Speaker Panel

        2:15-3:45pm - Workshop / Symposium 

        4:00-5:30pm - Keynote Workshop

We invite you to view a detailed listing of the webinar offerings, including Presenter Names, Bios, and Workshop Descriptions.




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Cost of Attendance (All Webinar Presentations) - $150


I developed a more in depth understanding of the systemic programming offered to high school students that helps reduce the gap in achievement.
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