The Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture (ISPRC) was founded in 2000 at Boston College, under the direction of Dr. Janet E. Helms, to promote the assets and address the societal conflicts associated with race or culture in theory and research, mental health practice, education, business, and society at large. We invite you to read more about our Institute's mission.

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The ISPRC wishes to extend our gratitude to all presenters and participants who attended the 2017 Diversity Challenge: "Race, Culture, and Criminal Justice throughout the Lifespan."  Over 100 presentations, including Invited Panels, Workshops, Symposia, Individual Presentations and Posters, helped to bring together scholars, educators, mental health practitioners and others to share ideas, research, and conversation about this important and timely topic.  Below are some images from the two-day interactive conference. 

We hope you consider joining us next October when our 2018 Diversity Challenge theme will be "Race, Culture, and Working in the STEM Era: Bringing All People to the Forefront."

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Highlighted below are some of the more topical or requested areas of current ISPRC projects or information.  Please check out our News tab to read about current and noteworthy happenings of the Institute.