The Center for Optimized Student Support (COSS) is the nation’s hub for innovative research, implementation, and resources for supporting students in schools. It studies and shares ways to integrate school and community resources to improve student outcomes and our shared future.

COSS is using dramatic advances in interdisciplinary sciences, knowledge developed through our innovative R&D platform, City Connects, and discoveries from around the country to make more effective and efficient use of school and community resources possible.

We do this because America cannot afford to lose the talents and potential of students at risk. A growing number of children enter our schools with experiences known to derail healthy child development and readiness to learn, posing long-term consequences for society. Mounting evidence demonstrates that comprehensive student supports can significantly improve outcomes and children’s life chances.

COSS works in partnership with a broad network of schools, community organizations, philanthropists, business leaders, policymakers, and families, so that all children can be ready to develop, learn, thrive, and reach their potential.