The Center engages in research and publication on topics of importance to scholars and practitioners working with issues and trends in international higher education. The themes featured in our research include internationalization, the academic profession in global perspective, private higher education, trends in Asian higher education, African university development, global academic development, and others. The Center has a long list of published books, often released in collaboration with other publishers, highlighting our research. Directly below is the Center's current featured publication, followed by reports, books and series that were published in the current year, 2017. Past publications can be located in the 'Archives' section further below. 


                                     Featured publication


Perspectives 8 Chinese

Proctor, D. & Rumbley, L.E. (Eds.). (2018). The future agenda for internationalization in higher education: Next generation perspectives into research, policy, and practice. New York and London: Routledge.

This book, published in the Routledge series on "Internationalization in Higher Education," examines new contexts (contexts or environments for internationalization which have not previously been researched in detail); new modes (new or alternative methodologies or frames of reference for exploring, understanding and/or researching internationalization); and 
new topics (aspects of internationalization and/or international activities which have have limited exposure in the current discourse). The book's 21 chapters largely feature "next generation perspectives" from an emerging group of researchers and analysts who bring new questions, concerns, and insights to bear on the examination of the phenomenon of internationalization in higher education.