Special Education Offerings

Boston College offers special education programs at the master's degree level in mild/moderate disabilities and in severe and multiple disabilities. Dual programs that combine the two special education majors or combine a general education program with a special education program are available. These programs prepare the teacher candidate to serve children with disabilities in a variety of settings including fully inclusive classrooms. Program faculty actively engage in research in schools, allowing them to make strong connections between research and practice. Teacher candidates will learn to teach to the strengths and needs of learners with disabilities, in collaboration with other professionals and family members.

Benefits of Dual Licensure programs:

  • One combined practicum experience
  • Accelerated Program of Study
  • Leading to a general education and special education licensure

Single Licensure Programs in Special Education

  • Moderate Special Needs
  • Severe Special Needs

Dual Licensure Programs in Special Education

  • Moderate and Severe Special Needs
  • Elementary and Special Education
  • Elementary and Severe Special Needs
  • Secondary and Special Education

Highlighted Faculty