We realize that being a law student can be challenging at times. Boston College Law School is committed to offering students holistic support to promote overall well-being.

Wellness Programs

The Law Library Contemplation and Meditation Room (room 427) is open during Law Library hours for individual meditation and silent contemplation breaks. During the semester, we hold regularly scheduled group meditation sessions and some “pop-up” meditation sits, as time and schedules permit.

In addition, the Law Library hosts therapy dogs during fall and spring reading days before the final examination periods. Watch the Law Library’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for exact dates and times.

WellTrack is a self-help app that students can use to address stress, anxiety, and depression before these issues get to the point of needing therapy or other mental health services. Access for the Boston College community has been paid for by University Counseling Services. Some of the specific tools WellTrack offers are videos, relaxation exercises, mood tracking tools, and written exercises to help raise awareness and work on addressing unhelpful thought patterns. WellTrack is available online at welltrack.com.

University Health Services

University Health Services strives to enhance the physical and psychological well-being of Boston College students by providing multifaceted health care services. Whether you have a health emergency, a concern about nutrition, or a bad case of the flu, you can expect excellent care dispensed by health professionals who are friendly, concerned, and accessible.

Medical services are comprehensive; but if you need specialty care, University Health Services will provide a referral. Through a special arrangement with Boston College Police, Health Services will also provide transportation to the hospital. University Health Services also work closely with University Counseling Services to assist students in crisis.

Services are accessible on weekdays, by appointment, at the Outpatient Medical Center; after hours, at the Inpatient Unit. The office number is 617–552–3225, and is located at 2150 Commonwealth Ave Building (entrance is located on St. Thomas More Road). More information regarding student insurance and specialty services can be found online

Counseling & Support Services

Boston College University Counseling Services provides a full suite of counseling and support services to all Boston College students, including law students. Many law students have seen counselors at this clinic, and the staff is knowledgeable about stressors that law students face. A student's use of the service, as well as any information shared by students with the staff members, are held in strict confidence. For more information about the services provided by University Counseling Services and how to access those services, please visit https://www.bc.edu/bc-web/offices/student-affairs/sites/counseling.html.

A brief summary of the services offered by University Counseling Services is provided below:

Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy

Staff clinicians conduct initial evaluations and provide students with short-term psychological counseling. Students who require more intensive or specialized care may be referred to other mental health services in the area.

Individual counseling and psychotherapy services consultations are now available on Boston College’s Newton campus, at 825 Centre Street (Alumni House, room 112; directions). Students seeking an appointment on the Newton campus should call 617-552-3310 and ask for an appointment with the Newton Campus clinician.

Law students may also meet with any of the clinicians at University Counseling Services main campus location at Gasson Hall Suite 001 (140 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467). Students can schedule an appointment at the main campus location by calling 617-552-3310 or visiting Gasson Hall Suite 001. Interactive campus map

Same-Day Consultations

First come, first served appointments with a clinician are available every day to students seeking an urgent meeting designed to help clarify goals and problem solve a specific concern. Same day appointments are available on the Newton campus and at the University Counseling Services location on Main Campus at Gasson Hall. Students typically leave with a set of next steps to address the key problem. To schedule a same-day consultation on the Newton campus or main campus, please call 617-552-3310.

Please keep in mind:

  • Appointments are only scheduled for the same day and are first come, first served
  • This is a one-time consultation and is not meant for ongoing psychotherapy
  • Any follow-ups may be with a different clinician
  • It will help to have an identified goal in mind
  • Please arrive to the session 10-15 minutes early to fill out demographic and clinical information

Psychological Emergencies

If there is an urgent clinical/personal crisis, students can visit University Counseling Services at Gasson Hall on the same day to meet with the psychological emergency clinician (PEC). These are usually 20-30 minute, as needed sessions that focus on crisis management. The primary goals are stabilization and safety so that the student can move on to next steps. During office hours, students can [call 617-552-3310] or come to Gasson 001 and ask to speak with the PEC. If an emergency arises outside regular office hours, you can call 617-552-3310 and you will be directed on how to reach the PEC.

Please keep in mind:

  • Although urgency is defined by each student’s experience, typical presenting issues to emergency services are: thoughts of harming oneself or others, being at risk of failing classes due to mental health issues, paralyzing anxiety that limits everyday functioning, and when the BC community is concerned about a student’s behavior or level of distress.
  • Similar to any urgent care or emergency room, one might have to wait for the next available emergency clinician. Most waits do not exceed 30 minutes and we try our best to triage the most clinically urgent cases.

Referrals to Providers in the Community

Some students may be interested in long-term counseling, weekly psychotherapy, or specialized care. University Counseling Services can provide local referrals that fit your needs. Please call the University Counseling Services Office (617-552-3310) for assistance in securing private counseling services.

Additional Counseling Resources

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc. (LCL) (31 Milk Street, Suite 810
Boston, MA; (617) 482-9600; helpline: (800) 525-0210; https://www.lclma.org/) is a confidential counseling and referral resource for lawyers and current law students. LCL offers help for alcohol and drug abuse, stress, depression, work, family, marital issues, mental health and other personal issues.

The Danielsen Institute (185 Bay State Road, Boston, MA; 617-353-3047; https://www.bu.edu/danielsen/) provides confidential counseling for individuals, couples, partners, families and groups. The Danielsen Institute has a sliding scale fee structure.


While in law school, maintaining your physical health and well-being can be just as important as caring for your mind. There are many ways in which law students can take a break from academics and maintain an active lifestyle.

Connell Recreation Center

Newly built, the Margot Connell Recreation Center is a 244,000 square-foot, four-story structure on the Chestnut Hill campus that offers the BC community an inspired space to play, pursue sports, gather with friends and work out. This new facility includes a fitness center, rock climbing wall, jogging track, aquatics center, wood-floor basketball courts, tennis courts, multi-activity courts, multi-purpose rooms for spin, yoga, and fitness classes, and more. To learn more, visit them online.

Quonset Hut (Newton Campus)

A membership in the Connell Recreation Center also provides access to the Quonset Hut, a smaller facility located on the Newton Campus next to the athletic field.