Law Reviews

How to get involved

Want to get involved with BCLR or UCC? The first step is entering the writing competition.


When is the competition?

The competition is held directly after spring semester exams; students receive approximately 12 days to complete the competition. Learn more by contacting the Law Review office.

Being a member of Boston College Law Review has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my career thus far.
Jennie Davis, Editor-in Chief, Boston College Law Review


How is the competition scored?

Students are placed on law review based on four factors:

  • GPA during the 1L year
  • Score on a memorandum written for the writing competition
  • Score on a Bluebook exercise completed for the writing competition
  • A personal statement

Each memorandum is scored by six different readers. The Bluebook exercise is graded by the manager of the law reviews. A committee of editors evaluate the personal statements, which may be used to identify students who express a compelling interest in a specific subject matter or who present a perspective that the editors feel will bring a distinctive voice to the membership.

Which students are selected?

These students are invited to join the review of their choice:

  • The students with the top 5 GPAs in each of the 1L section
  • The students with the top 5 highest scores on the writing competition (memorandum and Bluebook exercise)

The remaining places on the reviews are filled using a formula that balances the four factors listed above (GPA, and score on the memorandum, Bluebook exercise, and personal statement). A limited number of positions are held for transfer students who enter at the beginning of the second year.


Joining after the 2L year

Any student who is not selected for a review staff at the end of his or her first year may write a note of publishable quality under the guidance of a faculty member, either as an independent study or in conjunction with a seminar. If that note is selected for publication by one of the reviews, its writer will become a member of the review’s editorial board in his or her third year.