Printer & Server Resources

Connect to Printers and Servers from your Computer

Pharos Printing

Pharos allows you to print from your personal laptop to any of the library's six public printers.

Set up Pharos Printing

Pharos Printer Locations in the Law Library

Level 1:
    1 outside Room 100
    1 inside Room 153
    1 inside Room 155

Level 2:
    2 outside Room 205

Level 3:
    1 outside Room 300
    1 inside Room 300

Level 4:
    1 outside Room 400

Student Printing Policy

You can find a complete guide to student printing in the BC Student Printing Policy.

Printing Support

You may seek additional help from our Student Computing Help Center which is located in the Law Library, Room 205.

More Options

Instructions for setting up printer and server access for RA's, clinics, and law reviews are available below.

Options for RA's, Clinics, and Law Reviews

Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and students involved in clinics and law reviews can use the instructions below to access related printer and server resources.

Connect to a printer

Printer Location Instructions
Center for Human Rights and International Justice Kenny Cottle, Suite 200 Mac | Win7 | Win8 | Win10
Center For Experiential Learning*
Stuart Hall, Rooms 322 and 327
Mac | Win7 | Win8 | Win10
CEL Innocence Clinic
Stuart Hall, Room 515
Mac | Win7 | Win8 | Win10
BC Defenders
Smith Wing, Room 301
Mac | Win7 | Win8 | Win10
Law Review Production
Stuart Hall, Room M520 Mac | Win7 | Win8 | Win10
Research & Teaching Assistants
Law Library Information Desk Mac | Win7 | Win8 | Win10
Uniform Commercial Code Reporter Production
Stuart Hall, Room M530 Mac | Win7 | Win8 | Win10

*The CEL printers are available to students participating in NCAP, Immigration Clinic, and Legal Services LAB.

Connect to a server

Server Instructions
BC Defenders Mac | Windows
Immigration Clinic Mac | Windows
Innocence Clinic Mac | Windows
JRAP Mac | Windows
Server Instructions
Law Review Mac | Windows
Legal Services LAB Mac | Windows
PDHRP/CHRIJ Mac | Windows
UCC Mac | Windows