Register for Courses

When to Register

  • Returning students: You will receive a registration day and time along with your degree audit document in April. You may register for courses at any point between that time and the end of the drop/add period.
  • First year students take a prescribed course-load, and registration is automatic for all courses other than the spring semester elective.

How to Register Online

Use the link above to access BC’s online course registration system. The system is also available in the Agora portal under “My Services.” Make a list of courses you intend to take, then use the tutorial link to learn the system and complete registration. For help understanding course requirements and offerings, see the Course Selection page.

Scheduling Conflicts

Make sure to prepare second- and third-choice options in case of scheduling conflicts.


Registration Holds

Any holds on a student’s record will block course registration for that student. The student should contact the appropriate department to resolve the hold before proceeding.


Limited Enrollment Courses

A limited enrollment course is any course with an enrollment cap of 25 or fewer students. During initial registration, a student may register for up to two limited enrollment courses. Limited enrollment classes and “closed” limited enrollment classes both require you to either attend the first class or contact the professor prior to the class.


Variable Credit Courses

Some courses offer additional credits, usually to account for the writing of a substantial analytical paper. To take a course with the higher credit option, complete the following steps:

  • Register for the course.
  • Obtain the Course Exception form from Academic Services (Stuart M308), complete it, and have it signed by the professor.
  • Return the form to Academic Services.


You may drop classes after the drop/add period, provided your course load does not drop below the credit minimum (outlined below). However, this may result in the receipt of a “W” (withdrawn) on your transcript. You may only add a class after drop/add with permission from both the professor and the Dean for Academic Affairs.


Auditing a class

Students may audit a class with the permission of both the professor and the Dean for Academic Affairs. Note that the audited course will be included on your transcript.


Credit Min/Max

  • Per-semester minimum: 12
  • Per-semester maximum: 17
  • First year: Prescribed curriculum
  • Second/Third years: 53 credits total

Exceptions are only allowed in the case of written permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.


Clinical Course Limits

Clinical courses often have extremely limited enrollment, and require or prefer third-year students. Please see the Experiential Learning page to find out the enrollment policies for the programs that interest you.

In addition to individual program limits, the following policies may apply:

  • A student may not take more than one of these major externships:
    • The Attorney General Program
    • SiP: Europe
    • SiP: BC in DC
    • SiP: Diverse Placements
  • Some state bars limit the total number of clinical credits a student may earn in law school. Please check with the bar in any state in which you intend to apply.

Cross Registration at BU School of Law

Under certain conditions, BC Law School students may register for courses at the Boston University School of Law free of charge.


  • The course is not offered at Boston College Law School during the current academic year
  • Permission is granted by the instructor of the course
  • The appropriate forms (available in Stuart M308) are completed by the student

Available courses