Loan Repayment & Assistance

The Bellotti Program

Named after Arbella Insurance founder and former Massachusetts Attorney General Francis X. Bellotti (BC Law '52), BC Law’s Francis X. Bellotti Loan Repayment Assistance and Forgiveness Program (LRAP) encourages graduates to pursue public interest legal careers by reducing their debt burden.

The no-interest loans are renewable annually and are cancelled after one year if students meet qualifying conditions. A Dean-appointed committee awards recipients. 

LRAP recipients must provide the law school with a commitment letter and promissory note affirming:

The intent to remain in a law-related public interest position for the full year of the award;

A promise to repay the award should they not remain in a law-related public interest position for a minimum of nine months of that year, or if they fail to meet any other conditions of the award for that year;

That the awards received from the Bellotti Program will be used solely for the repayment of educational debt and for no other purpose.

Deadline for first-time applicants: December 1, no more than two years after graduating.

More information and program requirements


Bellotti Program application deadline:

December 1

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