Business Transactions

Business Transactions, or The National Transactional LawMeet, is the premier “moot court” experience for students interested in a transactional practice. The National Transactional LawMeet is a part of the LawMeet family of live, interactive, educational competitions designed to give law students a hands-on experience in developing and honing transactional lawyering skills.

Competition Format

1. Students work in teams and prepare a proposed draft agreement. 2. Each team writes mark-ups to draft agreements prepared by the teams they will encounter during the two Regional Rounds. 3. Opposing teams negotiate the contours of the deal. Each team will represent one of the two parties to the transaction. 

At the National LawMeet, teams have the option of revising their original proposed draft agreement. Like at the Regional LawMeets, the teams will then mark-up opposing teams’ agreements and subsequently meet those teams during the first two rounds of the National LawMeet to negotiate the contours of the deal. 

Role of Attorney-Judges

A panel of experts from transactional practice will evaluate each team’s success in achieving their client’s goals and the goals of the parties to the transaction.

Judging Criteria

To determine the winning team, the LawMeet’s panel of experts at both the regional and national levels will evaluate which team most adeptly negotiates a draft of certain provisions of an asset purchase agreement. The negotiation will require the students to combine their lawyering skills, drafting, marking-up, and negotiating techniques with their knowledge of corporate and other facets of business law and business sense to develop innovative solutions to a legal problem.


For more information, email the current chairs of the Business and Law Society at or visit the Transactional LawMeets homepage.

Faculty Advisor

Brian JM Quinn