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The Connell School Ph.D. program integrates science, theory, and research to educate the next generation of nurse scientists and leaders. Our students strive to advance nursing knowledge and translate research into practice that promotes the health and care of patients. 

Students benefit from small class sizes and mentorship from faculty as they prepare for careers in academia, health care settings, and policy.

The Connell School fully funds every full-time Ph.D. student’s tuition, fees, and insurance for three years.

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CSON’s faculty expertise covers a wide range of topics. They’re also renowned scholars, experienced clinicians, and dedicated mentors who are passionate about educating the next generation of nurse science leaders.


Andrew Dwyer

Genetics/genomics, rare diseases, chronic care, health care transitions, digital solutions

Dr. Dwyer’s work focuses on developing more person-centered approaches to genomic healthcare.


Allyssa Harris

Sexual health

Dr. Harris’s focus of research examines the role that individuals, families, and society plays as drivers of sexual activity and sexul risk among adolescents.


Mei R. Fu

Chronic illnesses, chronic care

Dr. Fu’s focus is on cancer-related symptoms and management of chronic illnesses by incorporating qualitative and quantitative research methods, genomic and biomarker approaches, cutting edge technology and behavioral interventions.


CSON Doctoral Student Research

Our Ph.D. students regularly disseminate research findings in respected forums and receive prestigious awards, including being inducted into the American Academy of Nursing and named Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence Scholars.

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Connell School Ph.D. Student Voices

CSON's Ph.D. program attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and with an array of research interests.

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CSON provides an atmosphere of academic rigor. The faculty are incredibly supportive and have been wonderful mentors to me. It is inspiring to be surrounded by so many respected nurse scientists and educators.
Lauren Pfeifer, Doctoral Student