Diversity & Inclusion

Rooted in Boston College’s Jesuit, Catholic mission, the Connell School of Nursing is committed to sustaining a welcoming and respectful community where all students, faculty, and staff feel valued and accepted.

As one of our strategic aims, the Connell School is dedicated to building and maintaining an environment that supports inclusivity and fosters the success of a diverse, culturally sensitive faculty, staff, and student body.

In addition, the Connell School of Nursing’s Keys to Inclusive Leadership in Nursing (KILN) program assists students in maximizing their leadership potential and preparing them for the challenges of providing nursing care in an increasingly multicultural society.

The Connell School community is dedicated to social justice issues, working to reduce health disparities, and educating the next generation of culturally competent nurses.

Who We Are


Advancing diversity at Connell and beyond

The Seacole Scholars program is one of a number of efforts made under Dean Susan Gennaro’s leadership to expand and support a diverse and culturally sensitive faculty, staff, and student body at Connell. Individuals of African, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American (AHANA) descent, after all, represent nearly 40 percent (171 of 436) of nursing undergraduates this year.

Leaders hope these efforts will help diversify the nursing profession (still predominantly white and female) and deepen nurses’ understanding of racial, ethnic, cultural, and other differences. Both are critical for communicating with colleagues and providing the best possible care to an increasingly multicultural patient population.

Celebrating Black Leaders Who Inspire Us

The KILN program assists students to maximize their leadership potential and nurture their ability to create positive social change. More than 50 students per year are named KILN scholars.

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