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The Peer Advisors are seniors in the Carroll School who have been carefully selected to yield a group with a variety of backgrounds, academic concentrations, and experiences to provide an on-the-ground perspective for underclassmen. They are available to help their classmates with course recommendations, recruiting and internship process, interview preparation and resources, study abroad, and extracurricular activities.

All drop-in hours are in Fulton 315. 

Meet the Peer Advisors

Ernest Headshot


Ernest is studying Operations Management and Business Analytics. This past summer, he interned in Business Development at Etho, a startup for augmented reality motorcycle helmets. In his junior year, he studied abroad at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. While on campus, you can find Ernest lifeguarding at the Plex or hanging out at the basketball courts. Ernest’s favorite aspect of the Carroll School is the abundance of professors and advisors available for life advice. His advice for Carroll School undergraduates is “choosing your concentration won’t determine your life path, so take time to consider which concentration suits you best.”  

Fun fact about Ernest: “As a child, I was once featured on Nickelodeon for a Taekwondo performance. I would later renounce the limelight and instead pursue a more humble life.”

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Shannon Headshot


Shannon is a double concentrator in Marketing and Accounting for Finance and Consulting.  In her junior year, Shannon studied abroad in London and held a summer internship at Estee Lauder Companies in NYC. At BC, Shannon is on the board for Her Campus and is an active member of Eagle Ops. Her favorite part of the Carroll School are the many resources provided to students such as the Sophomore Accelerator or informal networking opportunities like Dean’s Coffee.  Shannon tells Carroll School undergraduates: “Use your professors as a resource, many have great connections within their respective industries. Also always say yes to an opportunity or event that the Carroll School offers, for example I went to an accounting event my sophomore year which ultimately led me to incorporate it into my major.” 

Shannon’s fun fact: “I'm from New Jersey and have still never pumped my own gas.”

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Jack headshot


Jack studies Finance and Information Systems in the Carroll School, concentrations that helped him with his internship in Investment Banking at Moelis & Co. this past summer. In his junior year, Jack studied abroad in Parma, Italy. He has been involved on campus through the Carroll School Honors Program, 4Boston, Finance Academy, and Investment Banking Sales & Trading Club. Jack says his favorite part of the Carroll School is the availability of resources and help for the undergrads, whether it be professors willing to meet outside of class, to the engaged alumni network and Dean's Coffee. His advice for Carroll School undergraduates: “don’t worry about picking a concentration until you've taken the intro courses for each major.”

Fun fact about Jack: “I've swam with sharks twice.”

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Marissa headshot


Marissa has a concentration in Finance and a minor in History. After sophomore year, Marissa worked in audit at EY and after junior year held an internship at JP Morgan Private Bank Wealth Management. While on campus, Marissa keeps busy as a Campus Recreation Group Fitness Instructor, Campus Recreation Club Sports Department Financial Assistant, Portico TA, and Women’s Center Women’s Summit Planning Team Lead. Her favorite aspect of the Carroll School is taking classes with professors who have industry experience and make time for their students during office hours. Marissa advises Carroll School undergraduates to “Keep your options open! Attend networking sessions for firms and positions you might not be considering. You never know what may interest you.”  

Fun fact about Marissa: “I love tea! You can always find me with a cup of herbal tea in hand.”

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Katie headshot


Katie has two concentrations Marketing and Business Analytics (and is fulfilling all the requirements for a concentration in Information Systems because she enjoys the classes so much!) Katie studied abroad in Paris over the summer and interned at Reputation Squad. After her junior year, Katie interned as a New Ventures Intern at thredUP in San Francisco. On campus, Katie is President of the Marketing Academy, graphic designer of the Women Innovators Network, tour guide and panelist for the Student Admission Program, TA for Info Systems, and in the Carroll School Honors Program. Katie says her favorite part of the Carroll School is the passion of both the professors and students—”when everyone is engaged in a thought-provoking discussion, the energy in the room is palpable.” Katie tells undergraduates “Don't be afraid to take the road less traveled when choosing a major or career path. Make the time for plenty of fun electives—these will often become your favorite classes.”

Fun fact about Katie: I’m passionate about Western NY food (ask me about my love for Wegmans, buff chick pizza, garbage plates, white hots, loganberry, or sponge candy)

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Stephen headshot


Stephen has a concentration in Accounting and spent this past summer working at KPMG as a Deal Advisory Intern. On campus, Stephen is a Student Manager for the Men’s Basketball Team and president for the organization, Eagles for Israel. Stephen’s favorite part of the Carroll School is the way the professors teach according to up to date industry standards in order to prepare students for the working world. He tells younger students: “Don’t be afraid to reach out to people! You never know who will respond and how many people are willing to help, especially alumni.”

Stephen’s fun fact: “I was a Subway Sandwich artist for 4 years.”

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Simar headshot


Simar is pursuing a double concentration in Finance and Management & Leadership. This past summer, she interned in Tax M&A at Deloitte. While on campus, Simar can be found working as a Student Ambassador at the McMullen Museum of Art and was a Portico Teaching Assistant in her junior year. Simar’s favorite aspect about the Carroll School is the fact that the professors and career advisors are extremely involved with and dedicated to the students. She also appreciates how wholistic the curriculum is, giving students an insight into every field.  Simar’s advisor for undergraduates is that “There is not a specific path every student in the Carroll School needs to follow. Take time to explore and learn more about yourself. Always reach out if you’re confused or have questions as there are plenty of people here willing to help you out. You might not end up with an internship freshman year and that is alright! Believe in yourself, work hard and work smart.”

Simar’s fun fact: “I founded an NGO sophomore year of high school.”

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Ben headshot


Ben is completing concentrations in Accounting and Information Systems. His involvement at BC includes serving as president of Bike BC and starting the Bike Share program on campus. Ben has also been busy co-founding and running his start-up tech company, Venu Entertainment, Inc. This past summer he worked in Audit at Deloitte. Ben’s favorite aspect of the Carroll School is the fact that alumni are so helpful and always willing to chat and help. He advises other students: “your time has the highest opportunity cost so spend it wisely.”  

Ben’s fun fact: “I went skydiving to de-stress before my Tax final.”

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Allie headshot


Allie Lum concentrates in Information Systems and Business Analytics. She interned at Silicon Valley Bank and Clarus Ventures, a life science venture capital firm. She also worked at New Frontier Foods Inc. (a snack foods startup company). Allie is head committee chair for the Literacy Committee and an Eagle Eyes Buddy in Campus School. Her favorite part of Carroll School is that every lesson you learn in the classroom is easily applicable to another facet of your life. Those lessons might come up in another class, while working, or in a conversation when networking. Her advice is to “be brave and talk to as many people as possible. Those people might be your peers, professors, or alumni and remember that everyone wants to help you. They all have different experiences and insight they can share.”

Fun Fact: Allie spent a summer in Cuba working with teachers and healthcare providers before it was open to US Citizens.

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Ari headshot


Ari studies Finance and Business Analytics in the Carroll School and holds a minor in Film Studies. This past summer, Ari interned at FTI Consulting in Corporate Finance & Restructuring in New York City.  Back on campus, Ari is Co-Director of My Mother’s Fleabag, Vice President of the Consulting Club, Member of Consult Your Community, and a TA for Financial Accounting. Ari values the fact that the Carroll School gives students exposure to so many different disciplines of business while still leaving room in the schedule for classes outside of business that might interest them (in Ari’s case - film classes!)  His advice for fellow Carroll School undergraduates is to “talk to your professors outside of class, and reach out to upperclassmen and alumni for help! So many of us received great advice from a mentor, and we are all looking to pay it forward”  

Fun fact about Ari: “I took a red-eye on the night of Christmas with my dad to Detroit for the Quick Lane Bowl in 2016. I was only in Detroit for about 18 hours, best Christmas present ever.”

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Meghan headshot


Meaghan is pursuing a concentration in Finance. She studied abroad in London after her sophomore year during which she was able to intern in luxury real estate. This past summer, Meaghan interned at JP Morgan Asset Management. Meaghan stays busy on campus through her involvement with the BC Irish Dance Club and as co-president of the Real Estate Club. She also volunteers at Women’s Lunch Place. Meaghan’s favorite part of the Carroll School is how willing everyone is to help. She has found an enormous amount of guidance throughout her years at BC, whether it be with networking, navigating the internship process, or figuring out her class schedule. Meghan tells her fellow Carroll School undergraduates to “take advantage of the wonderful resources available to you through the Carroll School. Attend all events and activities and talk to companies to figure out if that field would be a good fit for you. Talk to your professors as well; they have tons of experience and are more than willing to help you find a career path that fits your interests.”  

Fun fact about Meaghan: “Last summer, I worked for a luxury real estate company in London and had the chance to tour celebrity apartments.”

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Ryan Headshot


Ryan is pursuing two concentrations at the Carroll School of Management— Accounting and Economics. He spent this past summer at PWC as an Assurance Intern. When on campus, Ryan can be found working as an Accounting Analyst in the Controller’s Office or playing on one of his many intramural teams. In his junior year, Ryan was president of the Accounting Academy. Ryan says his favorite part of the Carroll School is the relationships you build with professors and their willingness to help out with career decisions.  He tells his fellow Carroll School undergraduates: “Don’t be afraid to ask upperclassman questions or for advice about classes to take or something career related.”

Fun Fact about Ryan: “I am both a Boston Red Sox and New York Giants fan.”

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Andrea Headshot


Andrea is a double concentrator in Marketing and Business Analytics while also working towards completing a minor in Applied Psychology and Human Development in the Lynch School of Education. Andrea studied abroad at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology during her junior year and then completed a summer internship in New Product Introduction at The Coca-Cola Company. She is involved in the Latin American Business Club, Women in Business, and Marketing Academy at BC. Andrea’s favorite aspect about the Carroll School is that you get to take the management core classes with students from other concentrations which helps build diverse teams and helps you see the topics from different perspectives. Her advice for Carroll School students is to “take your time choosing a concentration and ask upperclassmen or professors for advice on ones you are interested in. Find what actually interests you and explore options that might not be what you initially considered.”  

Fun fact about Andrea: “Thanks to study abroad, I’ve now lived in 6 countries and loved every single one.”

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Elizabeth Headshot


Elizabeth has concentrations in both Finance and Accounting. During the summer after her sophomore year, Elizabeth traveled to Dublin, Ireland to take Managerial Accounting with Prof. Dianne Feldman. This past summer, Elizabeth completed an internship at GE Power in the Financial Management Program in Atlanta, Georgia. Elizabeth works with the Student Admissions Program as a tour guide and panelist and is an active member of Women in Business, Club Figure Skating, and the Real Estate Club. Elizabeth’s favorite part of the Carroll School are her teachers and advisors. Elizabeth advises other students: “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

Elizabeth’s fun fact: “I've been to Alaska twice!”

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Matt Headshot


Matt has a double concentration in Economics and Operations Management while also pursuing a minor in American Studies. In his junior year, Matt studied abroad at University College Dublin - Commerce. This past summer, Matt interned as a Summer Associate at STEER Partners, a consulting group. On campus, Matt is a member of Consult Your Community and the Eagle Political Society. His favorite part of the Carroll School is the advisors and resources that are always willing and able to solve any problem.  His advice for undergraduates in the Carroll School is that “there is no such thing as a bad professor.”

Matt’s fun fact: “I have never eaten sushi.”

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Tim Headshot


Tim is completing two concentrations in the Carroll School - Finance and Economics. While at BC, he has been actively involved in the Investment Club, the Venture Capital Private Equity Club, and the Campus School. This past summer, Tim interned in Transaction Services Valuation at PWC. Tim thinks that the multitude of resources offered to students to help with recruiting is one of the best parts of the Carroll School of Management. His advice to fellow undergraduates is “Take the core curriculum seriously. The lessons you learn in the liberal arts will compliment your business skills and make for a good life in general.”

Fun fact about Tim: “I am a nutrition fanatic!”

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