Service Projects

2018 Jenks Leadership Program Service Projects

The culmination of the Jenks Leadership program is the service project. In teams of 4-6, Jenks participants design and execute a service project during the third module of their Jenks experience, using the skills and tools they have learned during their first two modules. Rather than assign a project to each team, students are given the opportunity, as a group, to choose an issue they are passionate about and come up with a creative approach to effecting change. Below are examples of a few successful projects.

Kids for Healthy Minds

The mission of Kids for Healthy Minds is to create resources for teachers to talk about mental health proactively and positively from an early age. Educators and school counselors often address such issues reactively, years later during adolescence. Thus, we have created ten distinct lesson plans, each focusing on a particular children's book, with activities and questions to provide opportunities for growth in each individual student and encourage healthy relationship-building among peers. Our curriculum dives deeper into messages and emotional education rooted in the content of these books, allowing the lesson to continue after reading the book.

Building Bridges: Mattapan Teen Center and Boston College

The goal of our project is to build a productive and meaningful relationship between the Mattapan Teen Center and Boston College. The Mattapan Teen Center operates under the umbrella of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, which helps young people in need build character and be responsible citizens and leaders in their communities. The director of the Teen Center identified a need for the teens to be exposed to the experiences that people of color face in society and on college campuses. We assembled a panel of bright and intelligent students of color from Boston College to lead critical conversations with the members of the Mattapan Teen Center where they offered their perspectives on high school, the college process, and their experiences at Boston College as a person of color. 

Jenks X Boston Medical Center

Jenks X Boston Medical Center

For our project we created a space for children who are patients at Boston Medical Center that fosters a positive, educational, and comfortable hospital experience. Our goal is to help diminish the negative stigma of hospitals as a dark and scary place. By creating a room that serves as a first impression for patients and their families, we are able to make a lasting impact on the role that the hospital plays in their lives. For the funding, supplies, and design of the room we secured an artist to create a mural on the wall, secured toy and book donations from Leap Frog, Melissa & Doug and other organizations, and created a Go fund Me page.

Rosie's Place Arts Initiative

The mission of our project is to instill or renew a love for the arts within an underprivileged community in the Boston-area and inspire the use of the arts for personal expression. We partnered with Rosie’s Place, a women’s shelter located in downtown Boston. Rosie’s Place recently ended their arts program due to funding, so we worked with the volunteer coordinator to bring BC musicians to perform during the dinner period. Residents were also invited to perform with the BC musicians. We also led an arts and crafts session with the women and their children. We plan to continue our involvement with this initiative as we will be facilitating a temporary art exhibit to be displayed in the McMullen Museum and the Robsham Theatre bringing this art exchange full circle.

Bursting the Bubble: Expanding the Service Culture at BC

Through our college experience, we have found how difficult it can be to find ways to make an impact in the community. Our mission is to provide services and make it much easier for clubs on campus to share their gifts and talents with those who need them in the Boston area. Through our collaboration with OSI (Office of Student Involvement) we want to share the service leadership skills that we learned through Jenks and inspire the community to follow the Jesuit values of Boston College's mission and 10 year plan. By creating the Excel Curriculum and the Leadership Development Program modules, we aim to create a sustainable plan that will continue to impact eagles long after we graduate.

Little Impacts: Teaching Littles a Sustainable Lifestyle

The goal of our project is to increase awareness of environmental issues by creating engaging and informative activities. We partnered with BC Bigs, a campus-based mentoring program, where “Little Brothers and Sisters” from Franklin Field Housing Development in Dorchester come to campus to do activities with their “Big Brothers and Sisters.” Our presentation to the 50 littles, ages 7-17 addressed three themes: pollution, climate change, and habitat destruction where we discussed how each theme relates to each other, their impact on our world, and how we can help to protect the environment. Activities included a recycling game, plant pot decorating where littles received seedlings for the pots they created, and an interactive quiz that paired littles with their bigs to answer questions about the lessons learned during the afternoon. BC Bigs have expressed an intent to continue this initiative.

Past Service Projects